What is your superveld?

We all have five senses (some say we have sixth understanding); However, we do not have all the same skills when it comes to our use of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Everyone has some sort of increased perception of sense with one or more of his senses and some less ability with others.

I clearly know my strengths and weaknesses regarding my perceptions. From the sixth grade I knew that perfect vision would be something I could not have without a correction lens (or relatively recent development of LASIK). I took glasses and lenses over the years, but I always envy those who have 20/20 eyesight, like my wife, a culturer.

I knew my vision was terrible but I was surprised at my last visit to the optometrist. After he made a few tests on my vision and determined my prescription, he said, "Oh, blind man!" In the beginning, I thought it was a little joke, but after a while I realized it was not. I can not see perfectly clear more than half a foot from my face and after learning how visual acuity is measured, I concluded that I technically considers a blind person without a correction lens. Keep in mind that this is not a legal blindness, that's when the visual acuity of man is greater than 20/200 with correction lenses. Nevertheless, I can not see the damn without my lenses; Thus, they are serious emotions for the visual sense.

On the other hand, I had a great ability to hear sound. I'm not a babe, a bird, a dolphin or a cat, but I have awesome skills to hear things that others around me can not. I'm not sure that this is related to poor visual acuity or too much ears, but I know I have the highest sense of hearing. In addition to hearing things that others can not, I can often detect specific types of sounds and clearly identified the location, direction and physical taste.

Despite this great audit ability, I have not been able to learn human echolocation like many blind people. True, this sonar system that bats and dolphins used to navigate their environment has been exploited by a number of blind people. In fact, a story of a blind boy can catch obstacles by listening to his echo club's echoes. Wow! Blind basketball player who can immerse a shot! I suppose I have no excuses when I throw bricks. Check out this amazing video of human echolocation in action.

I'm sure you've heard about superasters with a very acute taste. From what I have read, this increased sensitivity to flavors seems to be more headache than the superpower. Supertasters tend to constantly dislike bitter foods and get less pleasure from fatty acids and sugary foods.

It is estimated, however, that about 25% of European citizens are officers, with higher rates among women, Asia and Africa. Are you great? You can find out with this simple Supertaster quiz on the BBC homepage. You can also carry your own self-diagnosis with a mirror and a little blue coloring. This test can be done at home by measuring the density of the papers of fungiforms that contain smug on their surface. If you have a high density of these papillae, you're great!

Another of our five senses that can not always be a superpower when increasing the sense of smell. Oh, it's amazing how our ability to detect aromas can bring our feelings and call out long forgotten memories. After these plusses, would you like to adjust any aroma out there? My wife has an incredibly powerful olfactory. She smells of all kinds of things I can hardly discover or even know that are there. I'm sure that it is constantly associated with its great abilities, making the consumption of tasty food and drinking more enriching experiences. Nevertheless, this great sense of smell often results in a very unpleasant aroma that most people are aware of. I can not even remember how often she said, "What's the smell?" with a crushed nose, just like she had just hit the wind on some hardness. My answer to this is almost always, "What smell?" and this is not because i do it, that's because i really can not smell it. Serious!

Anyone, to the extent that superpowers go, covering just over four senses. I know that I have ruled out a sense of touch in a variety of ways where we possess or show superior ability. One can have an emotional floating response, an amazing sense of direction or internal GPS, superb flexibility, great balance resolution, bird-like magnetic resonance, etc. It is also common sense, which one of my best friends is always summarized in this way, "Common is at least common to all senses!" Do not forget about self-consciousness. Unfortunately, too many of my homosexuals do not know themselves and do not stand independent thinking.

What is your superveld?


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