Wisdom and happiness – Know unconsciously and your dreams

The man is far from psychological, mental and emotional health, happiness and wisdom. The knowledge we have today is not enough to give us the solutions we need. Furthermore, our world, where terrorism, violence, prostitution and poverty are daily events can not help us in any way; On the contrary, the rhythm of our lives and the stupid world only increases our psychological problems.

On the other hand, evil opposites are by nature and most important in our minds. Our human conscience is underdeveloped because it works out of our 4 psychological actions, only 1 is completely developed and another, partly developed. Our beliefs are unilateral because we are either extroverted or introverted, being unable to see and understand the factors that attract or trigger a reverse type. In addition to all of the above obstacles that prevent our success and also cause psychological problems, we are often attacked by an opposition conscience who constantly tries to destroy human beings along with nonsense.

If you are sick, sad, depressed, tired, desperate, etc. In addition to sad social conditions, the real reasons for your problems are not the ones you would imagine to be. But how can you learn what to do and how to solve all your problems, if so many things you ignore are happening inside you without your knowledge? With yourself, with so many obstacles in your way, you will never achieve a balance and real happiness.

Fortunately, a solution is because the wise unconscious acts like a doctor and sends you messages through dreams to protect you from the attacks of conscience and help you develop your conscience, thus eliminating wild sides. The consciousness is transformed into consciousness, and in this way you become more intelligent because you stop being one-sided. You'll discover the other side of reality, see things you've never seen before and become stronger and wiser, meaning you're kidding wild wild conscience that will be a positive part of your mental sphere.

It's like taming wild animals that will be slightly gentle and calm. This conscience belongs to us, but we ignore its content. It is our primitive conscience, which works as it did at the beginning of its formation. It has not evolved like our conscience. Thus, unconsciously, you will know exactly what is happening and show you in your dreams what you need to do to be calm, quiet, wise and happy in your life, building a peaceful and beautiful world that will replace our sad world of time .

Regardless of how much of your conscience, depression or sickness you are, the wise consciousness will cure you by sending you infinite messages, like a personal doctor. Unconscious is your protector and savior. It has a saintly character that will provide you with the security you need to trust the wisdom of the message you receive. Unconscious talk like a sacred unit that you can recognize with the religious community you own, no matter what religion you follow.

This is the sacred medicine of the earliest conscience that controls the functioning of the organism by sending you information and instructions in dreams.

This is real wisdom, which comes from actual knowledge, but not from human distortion of truth. Therefore, this psychological treatment is safe – unconsciously, you will not go through adventure and disappointment as you would with human doctors who ignore too much; You will definitely feel better and your cure is guaranteed.


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