3 Nursing home to increase health and happiness

When choosing a nursing home or auxiliary housing for loved ones, it is important to consider all aspects that the facility has to offer. Obviously, it is important that your home is clean and comfortable, with fully qualified staff available all the time to ensure the safety and well-being of your relatives. However, many families have not been aware of the types of additional services allowed to provide a retirement home, especially for leisure activities. Your loved ones should be at rest and relaxation, but it is equally important that the elderly are active, both physically and mentally, to promote health and happiness. Most facilities will offer some kind of social or amusement program, but the following three actions have been particularly helpful in promoting emotional well-being in nursing homes.

1. Dementia Depression

Physicians have long known the relationship between physical and mental health. Simply put, engaging in some kind of motion can significantly improve your mood, even if it affects little effects like yoga or dance! Participating in physical activity helps the body create more serotonin, the substance that is responsible for our understanding of pleasure and stability. What's more, participating in an exercise that you enjoy is even more likely to increase the serotonin body production, as the dance comes in. Elderly people with good mobility can enjoy a small cardiovascular system when dealing with swing or salsa steps, or move at a slower rate with a fixed foxtrot.

2. Get Poetic

Many older people have profound interest in literature and poetry. However, it has only recently gained popularity as a medical device for use in auxiliary aid. Patients in nursing homes, especially those who suffer from dementia, have responded incredibly well to facilitate poetry compensation. Not only does creative writing help help to participate in the low-level brain, as there are no false answers, but it also helps to add ideological memory and the review of the poem improves memory. Applications like these are usually collaborative processes, with a strong social factor that causes residents to interact with others at a bug, more meaningful level. Best of all, at the end of the meeting, patients have tangible artistic creativity to take with them; beautiful poems that they can proud to have helped write.

3. Festivals with the Family

It's all too common for the days to start mixing when living in a nursing home. The environment is inherently regimented so that incidental interference on a regular schedule can be a welcome change. Seasonal activities such as dressing the Christmas tree or carving pumpkins for Halloween can help the residents celebrate the passage of time, rather than grieving it. Many seasonal activities are also great opportunities for family visits, such as holding Easter eggs for the population and # 39; grandchildren.

Preferably, the nursing home offers a range of fun activities for residents to participate in, as well as daily entertainment such as board games, cards and access to multimedia. Remember that health and happiness are not aside. It is important to adopt a holistic approach to consensual care, one that includes physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation.


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