Are you happy?

There have been times in my life when I've been asked if I was happy, and this has often been followed by me emotionally. When I've been asked about this, a part of me looks like i should say yes, but another part of me has not wanted to say anything.

The reason for this is that I do not yearn for being happy, far from it; That's not to say I do all I can to be unhappy though. For me, the purpose of life is to live a satisfying life – it matters.


When time has passed, this is something I've said when I was asked this question. And if I'm asked if my life is fulfilling, after I've said this, I'll usually go into my area that meets.

For example, when I have written an article, I usually feel happy. The reason for this is that I will have done something that I'm really meaningful – I will have met the many needs.

Two types of happiness

Soon after that my temper will probably fall, but that does not mean I'll go from one end to another. I will go back to the middle of the ground or the middle of the emotional life.

This kind of happiness is what is called a value of happiness, as opposed to perception-based happiness. The first kind of happiness will be the result of me doing something that matters to me and another kind of happiness will be the result of me taking something or having a happy experience.

Way Back

Before I started writing, I was more likely to look for certain experiences or to consume things that would make me feel comfortable. The perfect example of this was when I would go out that night and get drunk.

By this time I would feel good and I do not want it to end but this experience would not last and I would often wake up emotionally. I soon came to see that the overlaps gained weight.

Beyond Happiness

I think it might be by reading Osho's books that I came to see how futile it is to be happy. In some of his books, he talks about how happiness and pain are two sides of the same coin.

Pain accompanies the same way that night comes with a day. Not only this, the more we want something, the more difficult it is to achieve it. If we pretend to be happy, we are more likely to experience more of what we are trying to run away from.


It was also at the moment that I came to see if I would be happy it was usually because I was trying to avoid something. This could have meant that I was in pain, or it could come down to how I perceived something.

When I had worked with how I felt or changed my point of view, there was a need to live differently. I remember talking to a doctor named Vijay Rana about this and he said he was pleased to know that he could see anything like a thread on him. It's all about being resilient.

A Unique Outlook

While this does not necessarily mean he will always have a smile on his face, it's likely that he is feeling of faith and allows him to let go and trust it. okay, no matter what.

When he said this, I thought this was a good way to be. Instead of trying to pursue something that can not be done, he was more interested in being there; along with the work he found to be fulfilling.

Final Thoughts

When I returned to what I said at the outset, I think the reason I had to say yes came down to me, where I needed approval and said yes to be seen as a way for me to meet that need. I was also afraid that if I said no, I would have had to talk about why it was.

This would have caused me anxiety and shame, and that was the last thing I wanted to experience. Over time, I have come to see being happy, a by-product has a life that meets.


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