Be happy, first

Many years ago, I think happiness was ending – something that had to be acquired. I would be happy when I had a good job, a car, a house, a partner, a certain amount of money in the bank and so on. My happiness was dependent on so many external circumstances and circumstances were just that. Such happiness took so much effort and control-freakishness. My happiness was conditional and so soon. I was almost a waste of my entire life to be unhappy in the search of this nauseous happiness. No matter what I did, I could never catch what I thought would make me happy. And even though I did, it was never enough or permanent. Why? I was going about it all over again!

The truth is, you must be happy first . Unconditionally! You must vibrate the happiness to attract, acknowledge and appreciate the joy that is ever present, all around you. You are not happy because you have a great life, you have a good life because you are happy! Positive energy attracts, negative energy repels. If you're not happy, you'll still feel empty and you'll lose it because you're negative and unbearable.

Be happy first, without reason. The less it takes for you to be happy, happier you will be from moment to moment! Light maintenance happiness is the way to go, 0). True happiness comes from within. Happiness from within, is endless supply and puts you in control. Happiness subject to external sources and conditions keep you powerless, hungry and want to follow desperately the next party. Happiness that is dependent on external circumstances, keeps you a victim of a situation.

When one is happily considered in the hands of another man and management, people make desperate and ugly things. Just look around. Be in control of your own happiness. Select to be happy, regardless, from moment to moment. Just remember: We add what we emphasize, so concentrate on happiness. ; 0)


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