Change Your Mind, Neurologist's Guide To Happiness – Book Review

283 pages of thought, ideas for soul-searching waiting for readers in a new book, DV Pasupuleti, changed the mind. This self-help, non-fiction inspired, deeply inspires life with renewed objectivity.

The author shows how the accumulated stress caused by responses or people is much lower when individuals have self-knowledge. This knowledge also gives us freedom from limitation.

Questions like: "What does I define? Services or jobs I perform, titles I'm known for, this body, this hair … this mind?" Will readers keep in mind the true meaning of their lives. Keeping our minds so busy and distracted from ourselves, we are too busy witnessing and breaking every moment – because we can not learn and find ourselves in a cycle. Lists of errors, such as getting into mortgages, are simply added to new "errors". The need for refugees and drugs can also be a surface.

The author sees an international concept of happiness and tries to write as if he were talking to readers face to face. He shows how everyone has a common goal – to find a sincere sense of happiness or happiness with the world around us.

To feel less sadness, jealousy and anger towards others will happen when we realize that men have all their own interests and opinions. For example, who is wise or intelligent? – The fellow of the balcony on the third floor of a building or fellow sits at the coffee table. There is no more choice than the other, but simply looks at the viewpoint as the others will see things on the street in close and detailed description. They are simply exploring and experiencing life differently – and this does not matter either better than the other.

Soon, the author of readers will help realize that their unhappiness stems from focusing on their substance, body or performance – when the soul actually understands all of this. Acceptance, perception, alertness and awareness become the key to understanding and sense of quality of life – Mr. Pasupuleti shows readers that all this key is under our control, with which they can explore this world with contradictions with open minds and embracing an objective, realistic heart.

Multiple examples and metaphors are used to drill the basic terms of the readership. It sometimes became a bit too much for me to digest, as the sequence of examples was wearing my mind. However, the author initially explains that this educational tool has proven to be very effective and he regularly works as a teacher, doctor and editor of Michigan County Physician Magazine.

In his search for understanding, the author studied many new and old religions and learned many interesting scarves, including psychiatry and neurology. Mr. Pasupuleti has been awarded an outstanding MSU award winner and was included in 2000 by the outstanding biologists of the 21st century by the International Biographical Center. He works on this education and experience to bring readers an intellectual book that will make them consider the meaning of their lives much better.

Those who have read this book can also enjoy other of my favorite books in this genre: Second Innocence, by John Izzo.

Author: DV Pasupuleti
Publisher: Synergy Books
ISBN: 1-933538-29-5


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