Congratulations (Be Yourself)

Before I started sharing my knowledge and experience in this, I want to make it clear that I'm not a professional person, and I'm not the reincarnation of such works that have endless wisdom over many lifetimes. This disclaimer is important because the article is about the real and not the one you want to be. In modern society, scholars and pundits preach, you should never show your weaknesses or admit you do not know. They look like weaknesses and you are setting yourself up for failure from the beginning. But it is different in philosophy I practice. In my case, we were always taught to introduce you as inferior to the next person (perception is not reality), to respect all bees, to learn as much as possible to be better so that you can help infinity expensive. The risk of working as you know all is that some of the world today will take it too far and stop learning. That's when it could be a tragedy. When reality plunges into them and they realize that they are not better than the next person or they do not like each other, they engage in unimaginable things that cover other topics. So we must be honest with ourselves and be who we are to find happiness.

So who am I and what's I want to share with you? I'm a simple person, just like your friends, who only acted by exercising love, empathy, tolerance, disconnection and pleasure in my daily life, living a simple, happy and happy life. For the past 40 years, I have learned to follow and practice these principles; while making mistakes and correcting them. The goal is to become a little bit better, happier and homosexual in my daily life. I still do "unintentional" mistakes here and there, but do my best to correct them with repentance and try not to repeat them again. It's like climbing the truth without supervision. This is the basis for seeking happiness. You need to be yourself, and you need to be honest with yourself. If you can not do that, you need to be a good actor to deceive you and people around you; and constantly being the one you really are not. It's a very hard job. It's just a matter of time. Either you will fail it sometime or someone will rule out the real and the real truth. Instead of finding happiness, you create your own sorrow.

So what do you do when pain and suffering come? How can you be and still counsel suffering and find happiness? How can you find happiness without pretending to be someone else? We know that the easiest way to do in such a situation is to solve external things, beauty and pleasure. But these are all temporary fixes in an unfinished state. Some advise others to renounce and take on another life, another name and be someone else to find happiness. Some people voluntarily leave the self and become completely different from self-esteem, hoping to leave sorrow and pain. This is very dangerous. If my brother had a hard time in life, I would not suggest changing his name to Bill Gates and acting like Bill Gates, trying to follow any religion or religion, and doing it as it is more savior. It's a very dangerous way you lead somebody into. Out of 1 million people who follow such recommendations, only 10 individuals can be on the other side, a little happier and more knowledgeable about dealing with suffering. The rest of 999,990 will fail in such business and drama. This will lead to many terrible results. You could lose your family, friends, career and precious time in your life and pretend to be someone else. Worst case, when you come back to reality, would you be able to cope with the reality of life again? The activity of life is joy, suffering, happiness and pain. It's part of life. There is no risk. It's not all gold that glows. You could see and envy people in power or people with money that lives in a wasteful life. All you see is what's on the outside. You do not see their mental stress and problems. They go through exactly the same joy, happiness, pain and suffering in their lives and their families as we do. You need to understand it. So you can not envy another slide on Instagram or on TV. In most cases, this is exactly what they wanted you to be. Who in the world will present their family, business and career on Instagram and TV? Nobody will do it. But everyone has this matter at once or another. So there's no reason to deny them and abolish your life for someone else. It will not bring you forever happiness.

So how can you find true happiness to be who you are? To practice this, you must first meet the reality of life. The activity of life is not all happiness and fun, as previously stated. It also has a negative side to it, which is pain and sorrow. After we accept the reality of life, we need to find out how to avoid them depending on how to deal with them when they come or arise. Many of our problems are self-evident. Of course, those who can not accept such a statement can always find others to blame the problems they "unintentionally" created in the first place. Let us take a simple example of stress in the business world. For salesmen, stress in business is usually the result of not reaching the sales targets. Now the goals are set by us, men. So you see where it's going? This is closely linked to our accessibility as a community to understand and exercise pleasure. In most cases, if you have made a good business profit, you will celebrate. Now, because of our greed, we set great sales goals, and every day of our lives, when we do not, we become sad and stressed. In all these days, the transaction is profitable and can still be active. But the only reason we're not happy is because the hair we've created for us. So, this is a simple example of how our stress and problems are created. Therefore, I say that most of our stressors and problems are artificial or self-evident. Now that such stress continues on a daily basis, the salesman will go home and show this unhappy attitude at home to both women and children as well. In progress, he is making them all miserable. And it's all caused by human greed and not exercising pleasure. There is a legitimate reason for us to be sad and that's when we are not successful in business. This means that when the transaction is not profitable it is legitimate concern. In such problems there are other solutions that we can talk about another time. But in this example, the cause of our self-stress is greed and our ability to exercise pleasure.

There are many more examples of these problems that we create for us in our daily lives, in many different professions. But today, I just wanted to concentrate on finding happiness in being true to yourself and accepting the reality of life first. Always remember that the key to happiness is not located elsewhere in the world, but in your own heart. Sometimes we think money solve problems. No, trust me. Money brings temporary relief in some practical cases, but life's problems will still be with us. So we must be true to ourselves, in our abilities and most importantly, we always need to find ways to improve ourselves so that we can understand the real cause of our problems and we seek to find solutions for each and one of them.

My observations and experiences can help you identify and analyze the causes of various charges and deal with them appropriately. Everything takes time. So learn from your mistakes and try not to make the same mistakes again, which will eliminate one problem and one at a time.


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