Congratulations on your birthday – time to celebrate

Enjoy your birthday? Was it time to hold the festival or something you fear, knowing that another number would be added to your age? If you want to be happy in your life and with your life, you need to accept one indisputable fact: you are older.

Why do some people hate celebrating their birthday and write as another number adds to their age? Women become especially reluctant to tell their age when they grow older. They could even lie about it and there's a story where it's wrong to ask a woman. It's like spending a year on the ground is being marked or embarrassing.

Now it's a crime story, so I'm not going to get anything out of your mind. But sometimes, when we celebrate our birth, it reminds us that we are getting older and that we have to die. Yet, there are people who get upset about thirty. Maybe they do not have enough of their lives. So, rather than doing something about it, they go for denial, do not let them get older.

In this society, something seems to be something accused or feared. Think of the idea that older people are "over it" and do nothing about their lives. And those who break our perceptions are considered young in heart and. It's like that only young people know how to live. Perhaps if we stop stereotypes of older people, we will not fear getting older quite so much.

All research continues to indicate that the older man is, the happier they are.

Here are some things to consider:

Do not like what you have done for this? Then it's time to make changes. Do not stop as you continue your life.

Establish your accomplished goals. Set a schedule for the year. Do it today, beginning of 2009 or next birthday.

Remember this quote from the band The Zimmers who lead the singer is 91: "We're old, but we're not dead."

Make what you think regardless of age.

Think about what worries you to grow older. What changes can you make now, to get older joy? Look at your health, control your stress and exercise your mind. We can not predict the future (so forget to see destiny), but we can handle now.

Know that a change happens. Rather than fight it, use the journey and every phase of your life.
You get one shot in life, so take advantage of it.

Forgive earlier, rate good things in your life and spend your time.

Finally, have a brilliant next birthday. Make the whole day a feast.


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