Every hour spent smiling is a happy hour

Cameron Diaz has a great smile. I think we are all, male or female, agree on it. It's a very cute smile. And Pierce Brosnan is another movie star who has a wonderful, sexy, delicious smile … When you see another smile, have you noticed how it can become contagious? Some radiants just warm, wonderful, energy every time they smile. And we all have this option.

If you want to test the effect of smile, why not put out one day with a smile for every person who crosses your path? You'll notice how most, if not all of these people smile back on you and every time you're a smiley smile, you'll feel a little bit back. The effect will multiply as the day progresses, with every smile of you that makes you a little better and every smile of someone else adds to this powerful effect. Every hour will be a very happy time.

Can you imagine what a beautiful place this world would be if everyone realized the powerful effects of a simple smile? How much fun was that every time you walked down the street did people smile to you or smile when you sat down on the tube, or just smile for pure joy to find their cheek muscles and move in their lips? I feel sad when I think the world could be so easy and it loses so many people from one of the most important emotions a person can experience – happiness.

So many people are looking for happiness and never realizing that happiness is not something that comes when you reach the end of the rainbow. Happiness is mentality, it is experienced now, at this moment; It is not a conditioned state. Happiness is only. To be happy must learn to live at the moment, to live in modern times and to savor that moment for what it is.

For some, this is easily achieved. Others need to help change their conditional views; but do not despair. Help is available. You can get hypnosis download from the internet, recordings designed to help you live now and to view the world in happiness. You have the ability to learn mental skills that will make you happy. It's quick, it's easy, it's safe … why not try it? The secret of happiness is that it is all in your mind, and you have the ability to have one happiness hour after another. You can use your mind to make your own happiness!

Roseanna Leaton, an expert in hypnosis results to make you happy.


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