Four ways to be happy now

Get out of luck now! While happiness is the main prize at the end of all our efforts, our men often get lost in the battle to reach a goal. It's easy to forget that we want to make more money, lose weight, find the perfect life-partner or win the gold award because we think it will make us happy.

Achieving a worthwhile goal feels good. But when the festival ends, the feeling usually goes. That's why it never works happily in hostage. We know all the people who live like they have vowed to say they will never be happy until they get it up, buy the car or lose those extra twenty pounds.

Here is the gospel! You can be happy now, even before you fix all the things that you think are wrong with you and our world. When you say the happiness now you can not only achieve the goal you want, but you have more energy, enthusiasm and creativity to achieve.

Here are the four easiest ways to be happy:

  1. Do not worry, be happy ! As the song says, all you need to do is stop worrying and allow yourself to be happy.
  2. Choose happiness . If you could find any way you want now, what would it be? Often making a conscious choice enough to lift you from unhappiness.
  3. Focus on what you want . What if you have hummed this happiest song and choose fun but you are still terrible? You probably do not like how things are. Emphasize what you want instead. For example, if you feel unwell, focus on connecting with someone to share your life with. Nurture that desire. Keep an eye on the prize. Be sure to focus on the view, not lacking. In the state of active desire, you are clear about what you want to move or attract. It's an attractive state, literally! It attracts the things of desire to you or brings you towards it.
  4. Violation of Confidence . If steps 1-3 understand you less than happy, you might be working on a limited or self-reliant faith. This is not so easy, but it must be divorced, leave the farm or plastic surgery to get a chance for happiness. If you get stuck in one of many states of unhappiness (anger, fear, guilt, despair, boredom, etc.), you might need to feel like this. Ask yourself if it's true? What worries would happen if you found it right now, even if something is something you really want to change?

Our community, especially the media, blows us with one big message: You need something something they have you do not have) to be happy. Thankfully, this message is not true! You can claim the greatest freedom that is, your right to happiness.

Take a happy break from the rat race. Remove your nose from the grindstone. Do not worry, be happy choose happiness; emphasize what you want; and a challenge of faith that tells you to be a tight feeling somehow you do not want to feel.



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