How to be happy without illusions – mental health and wisdom

There are many stunning boxes that offer you happiness in this world. The Internet is full of them … Everywhere you learn about another way to make depression disappear in just a few hours, instant success and immediate relief.

My work is different. I'm very serious and I only tell the truth. If you want to be very happy in life, you need to change the soul and help this world become a place where everyone will have the opportunity to live a decent life and where poverty, war, crimes, terror, madness, prostitution and many other horrors will not exist.

This seems like an impossible dream … Yes, it's really. Human history is characterized by violence. The truth is, you'll never be very happy in a world where so many people scare you all the time. The truth is ugly and sad: this world is crazy and full of dangers. The man is also crazy; That's why we have created such a ridiculous world.

Everyone knows that our world is absurd and things do not work like they should do, but at the end, everyone just looks at one's personal life and hobbies. Everyone tries to be happy in a world where terrorism and suicidal thoughts are everyday, where everyone is afraid of everyone else and freedom is only a myth, as we have so many limits. We constantly adapt what is wrong and bad because no other solution is available.

This is completely illogical. However, the person is lazy and has an enemy in his own psychological sphere that constantly destroys human conscience: an opposing conscience, primitive conscience that has not transformed consciousness as conscience has. It is constantly interfering with conscience and trying to get lost. Your husband respects others, it is fragile and compassionate. Your opposing conscience does not respect anyone: it's a selfish monster.

With such enemies inside you and in a place like our planet, you can not be happy unless you live eluded and you are a perfect person for the work of man. You can still be happy though, if you change the soul and develop your conscience and become balanced and wise. That way, you will not only help you, but you will also help this world by making your share of the salvation of mankind from nonsense and despair. You must help many with your wisdom!

What do you want more?

If you like happiness in a box, you can easily buy it everywhere.

If you choose real happiness and mental health for life, start paying attention to your dreams and taking notes. Learn how to cope with their meaning and you will discover a physician within the soul that protects you from the foolishness of your conscience and helps you develop a human side.

Happiness is a very serious matter and a common person is very far from real happiness as a man lives and with all the psychological problems himself. Of course, living in an open greenhouse called Earth, you can only have some fears, confused mind and a lot of heart. One life is full of suffering and deceit …

Depression is so common today that even teens are depressed. Their psychological problem is so serious that it has become a neuropathy: they cut their bodies when they are sad. How can you be happy in this world with such a reality? Be realistic.

Only if you transform the soul and gain wisdom, you will discover inner peace and understand how you can help the world at peace with your work, in your own neighborhood, family and everywhere you play an important role and you need to give Your answer as a person. Real happiness is transformation and duty. You will only feel good if your world is safe and your world will only change when humanity becomes totally human, instead of being the wild beast that can only kill and destroy.

Start being better and more serious now. Care for the psychological world, try to learn all that wisely unconsciously teaches you in your dreams and build your happiness on the basis of the development of human conscience, information gathering and your sensitivity.


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