One reason to be always so grateful

One should cultivate a good habit of memory, because it can make the existence of paradise or inferno.
~ Balthasar Gracian .

We have slipped down as inferior men – we make mistakes. Even if the environment is dangerous, we are even more or less as vulnerable.

How often have we been saved – sometimes when it's "happiness" stepped into bread – from other situations, death?

But how often and how much thanks to God for such divine

Given that we are still living, we have been stored in hospitals several times. It seeks to give us great gratitude.

Because of this, we extend, there are great painful consequences. Our families and loved ones

When we think of the challenge we can experience what we have experienced, we can be very lucky.

Use memories from "Paradise"

When we remember God's goodness to save us this way – the goodness to make a presence of certain injuries – and so often We have lost a number – for the first time we see for a long time how our memories have responded to us.

Still, we still do not forget about the color of inferno-related memories. Indeed, this tends to haunt us.

If we listen to the wisdom in the above quotation we hear the advantage we are given. we must strive to slip into the inferno wistfully, and we know that we can as easily, though thoughtfully, go into paradise.

This is the memory of memories of God blessed events; The fortune separated us with grace, never meant to be taken of course. But, of course, take care of it.


The fact in this world is that even the most unfortunate people have been blessed by their recognition. Nevertheless, we can find many of the world's poorest and needy people really happy. Happiness seems to be less about true blessing, and mostly about how good our memories are – in reviewing paradox-related events and how much our hopes are. one is reconciled with our past, the trustworthy of our future.

Happy life is to see their good memories alive and not so good. From these memories is the vast nature of positive experience, strong hope is provided for the foreseeable future.

One reason to be so grateful is that we have been saved many times; We have the opportunity to see this and verify these memories so that we can inspire joy.

© 2011 SJ Wickham.


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