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Have you ever felt anger or frustration at work? Every day we meet so many stresses in the office, such as business politics, deadlines, challenging bosses and annoying customers and colleagues.

It's no wonder that workplace stress is America's biggest complaint, according to a recent poll conducted by

Given that many of us spend more than half of our busy hours at work, 8 hours. It's important that we figure out how to make all work experience a bit of joy.

Until now, I have a lot of self-defense first in the morning or before you go to sleep. Now I want to share with you self-confidence that you can really do during the day at work to spread anger, stress and frustration.

So you throw a knuckle in your coworker's head or call them offensive words to your boss that you've been holding yourself, try this self-defense! You'll feel so much better when you do it. You can not remember what was disturbing you at first.

Essential oil: Bergamot

Soluble oils are highly concentrated liquid, distilled from plants. These oils contain the "core" of the plants and are the key to other therapeutic methods like aromatherapy.

Toxic oils have been used for centuries due to their pharmacological properties.

Bergamot oil has a very sweet and fruity smell. As soon as you breathe on this oil, you'll immediately find your creative lift, an increase in inspiration and evidence of anger, frustration and stress disappear.

Parts of Bergamot Oil, such as alpha pinene and limonene, are antidepressants. They give a refreshing sense of joy, happiness, and increased energy when you feel depressed or burned.

The drugs contained in Bergamot oil are very good solvents. They reduce nerves and reduce nervous pressure, anxiety and stress.

4 Ways to Use Bergamot Oil

You can buy berg nut oil in local health food in vitamins and dietary supplements. You can also order it online.

Always hold a small bottle of mashed potatoes on or near your desk so that you have stress, pick me up.

Here are three ways to use bergamot oil when you are stressed or overwhelmed.

1. Put 2 drops of oil into your hands, squeeze your hands, put your hands over your nose and take 3 very deep breaths.

2. Put drops of mashed potatoes in each of the following areas: on each wrist, behind each ear and on your temples on each side of the forehead. Not only are you close to the smell, you also allow to stimulate certain acupressure levels that will help lift your mood.

3. Put 5-10 drops of mashed potatoes at 8 oz. carrier oil such as almond or olive oil or shea butter and hold it on the table. You can rub the mixture into your hands for 3-5 minutes. The massage part of this method is particularly important as it helps the oil to swallow the skin and blood vessels. As the oil enters the body, it continues to calm the central nervous system and assist in the production of happy hormones. In addition, it also improves the skin.

4. Put 25 drops of mashed potatoes and 8 oz. of water in a spray bottle to form a room pad. Use this spray safely in the cube to relieve the atmosphere. Your friends could even get whiff and before you know it all the office will have a positive attitude!

Give a mountain pea oil experiment. I'd love to hear what success from using these tips! Leave me a comment below.


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