Survival Happy

Most dogs I met have been happy. Indeed, most of the animals I've seen cats, birds, fish, cows seem all the stuff in their lives. Of course, the animals do not have bills to pay, so it may be a part of the reason that they seem happy. Animals are probably happy because their survival depends on it. In fact, neuroscience requires that survival needs happy creatures. And if animals are happy with a living opportunity then we are also programmed to be happy with it.

I recently heard that some elephants in India went to ruins through a small village. Almost they have discovered when this village breaks it beer and the elephant breaks literally literally. Pachyderms after drinking a few hundred gallons of brews, keep calm and trash on the spot. Elephants are quite intelligent creatures and they probably think something like "wow this stuff tastes good and hope it's great, whippy it's crashed."

So if animals are feeling well and can also get drunk there's especially as they do not always understand the correlation between happiness and survival, just as great intelligents do not always get it. The last time I watched the news of some drunk man doing something careless, it was a lot more frequent those scary, drunk elephants. My point here is simply that we have the ability to be happy simply by living, but we do not always understand any promotional happiness.

Happiness is the ability to be happy with life. If you live then you can be happy with life but often we set higher conditions for our satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Discontent with what we do not have in life is often one of the biggest culprits for our unhappiness. So necessary to be satisfied with life is to find ways to appreciate what we have. Gratitude for our lives, our relationships with others, our homes, even the food we eat are every opportunity to appreciate what we have and consequently we feel comfortable with life.

Gratitude is a great tool to use every day to reap the benefits of survival. The choice is to focus your attention on what makes you unhappy with your life. If you choose this way, you're definitely confused about what makes you happy. This confusion usually involves one of two thoughts, hedonism or materialism. Organisms and imaginary cars do not create lasting happiness as they are the means of living a happy life. Often we confess two and sense the hair we find from them as happiness. Happiness really happens after the life of the creature while on the road and on the way to work in the new car.


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