The 6 keys congratulations that reduce the comfort of eating

Knowledge of diet has little to do with our need for food and all that has to do with our need for love and happiness. The happier we are, in life, the less we came out for food inappropriate. The more we love, the greater our emotional stability. The more we feel emotional balance, the less we need to use food as a substitute for comfort and happiness.

Of course, most people's happiness is not a permanent condition to be. However, we can choose, in our lives, to fill every day with as much happiness as possible.

We also have choices about how we handle things that make us unhappy. The fact is that unhappiness is a state of mind that creates unpleasant, stressful emotions, which many of us try to bury with food. What we need is a lesson, these feelings are there to tell us. They are actually the needle of our internal air meter, which indicates us when we are of course.

· Stress in our daily lives indicates that our lives are not balanced and we need to give ourselves some time. or family and friendship

· Stress because of difficult relationships with friends, family or colleagues indicates that we have something to learn about ourselves that the other person is reflecting us back 19659002 · Stressing circumstances that can not be changed of all we say or do and it gives us more and more when we experience or think about them. Release your battles with & # 39; What is & # 39;

To get back or go to a seminar for happiness and less comfort, there are 6 key things we can do …

1. Make the choice to seek and focus happiness every day

2. Recognize what is beyond our ability to change and release them or they will continue to cause stress, pain and upset

3. Practice your thoughts as they emphasize negative events and memories. These are gone and can not change, but they will cause unhappiness if you allow them. Let them go by drawing your attention here and now.

4. Practice the meaning of your thoughts in categories such as judgment, fear, depression, guilty, helpless, worried, lonely, jealous, sad or anxious. Let them go by creating and taking action to bypass them. It is in action that there is a disaster.

5. Practice announce when you focus on fear and concern about the future. Recognize that this has not yet occurred and never do it. Let go and let go of the moment of things that can never be, or take steps to prevent your fear from happening.

6. Practice Mindfulness, who lives the moment as much as possible, without the past or future thoughts. See the joy, beauty and happiness of whatever you're doing no matter how wonderful.

Happiness is your birthday, is not it the time you insisted on yourself and reduced your comfort to eating at work?


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