Women's Role to Promote Sustainable Development and Gender Equality

One of the most important social networking calendars worldwide is to strengthen women and achieve equality that would ultimately lead to a sustainable increase in women's economic situation. In order to achieve this, governments of different developing countries have been a number of actions. A number of surveys have already been carried out with the aim of determining the role of women in several developing countries in achieving sustainable development. It has been found that the utilization of the female labor force is still very negligible in the overall economic development of some developing countries. It has also been concluded that women still have a place in society as they have very few opportunities to promote social development in the county. This is without saying that although there are some special rights and privileges that have been introduced to women, there are some examples of abnormal violations of the rights that affect society's balance. This is evident until women are fully elected and we achieve equality in society, women could not play a crucial role in social, economic, environmental and politics.

Acquisition is a social multidimensional process that helps individuals and communities achieve the desired control of their lives. This process primarily contributes to the right power of the individuals they would use properly in their lives, communities, and communities to prevent various issues. When this power is based on the rebellion of women's society, this is called a female violence. Women's strength in order to achieve equality is certainly a priority among the various programs in most countries around the world. This is also an obvious fact that gender differences in developing countries are highly dangerous in comparison to the various developed countries.

The term "sustainable development" stems from the fact that constant change is a human perception regarding the definition of development. It has been noted that development opportunities have gradually been brought to a place we perceive as sustainable development. The main focus of development in the 1950s and 1960s was developing the country's production capacity and growth. In the 1970s, the focus was largely on the various stock issues, such as income distribution and social development. The increase in awareness of a significant gap between the poor and the rich was one of the main reasons for resolving. Over the next few decades, the focus has shifted to environmental protection along with several other programs. Thus, sustainable development can be mentioned as a development capable of meeting today's demands without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. So in a nutshell, the concept of sustainable development requires a comprehensive, comprehensive and integrated development.

A number of studies have been conducted that show that sustainable development can not be done without women getting power. Support for women would ultimately lead to economic growth, good governance, political development and social development.

Women in some rural areas still lack the right opportunities to get adequate access to proper training, modern technology and financial support. Also, most women in rural areas in some developing countries have no access to proper education, and thus women can not develop their talents. All of these circumstances lead to women remaining idle audience and unable to contribute to the business community. Thus, more attention will be paid to meeting female proper education in the eyes and corners of the country.

Finally, we can conclude that the promotion of women and the spread of the right members of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies would help to promote sustainable development in developing countries. The main recommendations should contain the following measures.

– Promoting women's empowerment and making the right workforce that historically would boost economic growth.

– Implement proper education and maintenance of women's health to increase productivity and social development.

– Strengthen women's society and provide them with appropriate fair representation of various decision-making levels in various projects.

– Protecting Women's Rights to Make Women's Women Active Participants in Social, Economic, Cultural and Political Areas in Developing Countries Who Would Return to Sustainable Development.

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