Boost happiness with these 7 tips

What if you woke up one morning and saw a sign above you who said "Happy bus – jump here for the journey of your life?" Do you want to jump on or would you pass, get up and just watch the day? Happiness is within reach of anyone who wants it. It's truly for you to just get out and catch and here are seven tips to enhance your happiness, whatever it may be.

But why would you disturb? Certainly enough, just cruise ships with life, take it as it happens and if you're unhappy, it's just your destiny in life. You might be surprised to know that there are specialists of happiness who learn and teach happiness, sometimes known as positive psychology. These experts argue that happiness is chosen; You can choose positive emotions, you can choose to let go of fear, anxiety and sadness and you can choose happiness. Most believe that happiness is important and worth not only for the individual but for society as a whole.

Happy man earns higher income and is more productive, they have longer and more enjoyable relationships and more friends, more energy, better health and even longer life. It is an indication that individual happiness is a key element in organizational performance so all employers who read this may wish to promote happiness further. The best possible news is that you can train your brain for more happiness. Read on to find out how.

1. Create a habit of keeping a calendar. This can take a while and someone disciplined and every day you do it will make it easy for you to proceed. When you get 90 days it is very likely that it will become a habit. Your daily diary should be primarily about positive things that take place in your life and thank you for yourself.

2. Develop gratitude by adding your journal to at least three comments about what you are grateful for that day. Write down what people did to thank you for, something that made you smile or you felt grateful. Talk to others about what happened and strengthen appreciation in your life.

3. Use your calendar to identify what you can see are your strengths. You may find that your writing about what you appreciate in yourself shows your strengths and you can also ask trusted friends and family to see your strengths. Use your strength to make your life more enjoyable, for example, when you have to do something that you do not like, approach it from the perspective of your strengths. Build your strengths at every opportunity.

4. Give generous charity activities. Decide every morning how you will give at least five types of kindness a day and be looking for opportunities. Doing this just feels so good and others are very grateful. It's like giving and receiving gifts all day long.

5. Have fun! I know it sounds a little crazy and looks obvious – happy people have fun right? You know what? Sometimes we just stop being playful and take advantage of our humor and again, it's just about exercise. So be on the lookout for happy people with what you can have fun and practice to be funny.

6. Keep calm with you – meditation, yoga and such jobs calm your mind and give yourself time to see life from another angle. Meditation can also help you get rid of fear, anxiety and grief that gives you space to allow happiness. Meditation, by the way, can be very simple than you can think of. It can be as easy as watching the waves role in and let all the thoughts flow in the process.

7. And finally, create some practices like meditation, yoga or physical activity. Creation habits strengthens your faith in being, doing, or having something you want, including happiness.

Now you secretly have a happy birthday, you know why you would disturb and you know it can be happy, even if you are usually unhappy. The choice is yours – get out and grab in both hands or let another day pass. Have fun with these seven tips and be happy.


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