Fix for weight management, restart health and self-power

I am a PhD student who spent the whole year 2009 examining children who are malnourished and yet I was so stressed that I was fatier. In my PhD research on the health of 665 Indian Mexican children, I became weighty. So I fixed a total of 23 days under the care of Chinese medicine. I am 63 years old, eat well, exercise, do not smoke and fall to 5 "high in the last 20 years. I left 171 January 25, 2010 to 147 17 February 2010 when I also started eating and taking vitamins I read the book of Diana Schwarzbeins again, and I also read Susan Somers, Julian Michaels, Jon Gabriel, and Caroline Sutherlund's books. Overall healing and lasting health.

Totally important part is being spiritually prepared to get started, you must knowing that you are in control of your body and the result is for health, mental effects can also occur. is the most important part of solid. You can not water fast if you take any substance: rx, toothpaste, even local additives like lotion or natural hormones You can go to juice fast (fruits or vegetables) If your doctor or other physician is watching you. Rx is based on weight and "normal" activity of "normal" activity.

It is strange, but after the first three days there is almost no hunger from the area. Your hair is hungry, food smells good, but no hunger "pain" occurs, not gurgling, nothing like that. Our bodies are simply amazing because they take time to detract from years of abuse of chemicals (preservatives, pesticides, etc.). Quickly, you can mix plain organic vegetables, like chard or bald, beat to death and lots of water if weaknesses occur and sweep on it, but lack of all food is the best exercise. It allows the body to regain its balance on its own. With clean water there is no substance whatsoever to interfere with the internal cleaner that is found. Just 3 days is the best exercise, but the medicine says 30-75 days are still safe for most people. What's exciting for me is trying to improve memory (Mattson, MP (2000a). Neurological meaning and aging brain: Take my food and let me run (Mattson, MP (2000b). [19659002] I think "high" may be partly because of controlling your body in a floating place, instead of feeling a victim of power in the diet (and, consequently, wide hips). I feel comfortable without moving very fast I'm still doing a little dizziness, but I still do my usual domestic work, ride my horse, do a theoretical writing, take care of 6 dogs and work in my yard. I also like to increase my food very well and while it's fast, somehow, comfort. I'm eating a lot of food, more protein than I have eaten many years and staying at 146 pounds, size 7. I'm the same size as I was 15 and I'm 63. The feeling of be healthy while while being slender and not hungry is amazing. The authors I mentioned encourage eating often, eating a lot of protein, make Be sure to hormones make your metabolism work properly and stay in the overall balance. Dr. Diana Schwarzbein is my favorite.

I was a vegetarian for 35 years. After the last fast I started eating fish, turkey and chicken. My doctor points out that I eat a lot of fish, easy to find where I live in Mexico. She explained to me that I was "hungry" for fish oil (fish my oil cookies were not enough) and protein although I was almost eating my weight in tofu (it seemed). Tofu is a bean, but it is very difficult to get enough protein from the beans. even garbanzo, my personal favorite. She has me adding sunflower oil, sesame seeds, chia seeds and linseed as the top layer of what I'm eating; Keep them right on the table in the glass to add anytime. Seeds are very cheap and easy to store protein and minerals too. Also, low fat cottage cheese is an excellent source of protein without a lot of calories. My doctor is also a woman over 50 years old and she told me to eat enough of the right food to be healthy is a very hard and life-long challenge that's worth it. I agree with her.

I submitted this article July 19, 2010. From February 17, 2010, I have not monitored my weight but eating a lot of protein and a low carbohydrate diet. Since February I have been under stress. This morning, I was 147. For me there is a fixed option as a way to control my weight, "restart" my health and feel like I control what I look and feel.


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