Happiness beyond belief

Here's a question you may have never asked yourself seriously. Are you happy with yourself and your life? There are chances that there are things you want to change about both you and your life – I have rarely met anyone who is very happy, they are few and far between. People often believe that if they improve, lose weight, fit well, buy a new car, go for a holiday, move a house, then they will be happy. Such happiness, however, is beautiful and wonderful. Happiness should repeat and not depend on having or doing it.

The only place you find happiness is inside. But it's a bridge too far for most people because an ordinary person is inside & # 39; is warned by what psychologists called the "answers". This is a self-defense system that we all have that prevents others from entering our subconscious ideas – because if they could, they could be ours. Big problem with, & nbsp; The Sentry & # 39; however, is that it keeps us as well. And for good reason & # 39; & # 39; Our belief in how the world operates and who we are are stored in our subconscious mind. This may seem to be a reason for keeping in mind how we are. You would not want to go with them, would you? Or do you want to? Because most of us believe ourselves to be responsible for at least some aspects of our lives, most of us feel bad and weak. Some of them often prevent us from doing our best in important circumstances in our lives. Most of us are not 100% satisfied with who we are and it is because our beliefs are not based on facts but on the accumulation of what is called the programming or facilities we were signing during the public health year. This programming or facilities is both the source of your inconvenience to yourself and, equally important, everything you perceive to be wrong in your life right now.

The fact is created by your faith – it is this belief that automatically determines your behaviors, actions, responses, and relationships with others. It's through this process that you, yourself, create your reality. In other words – and this is cruel – what you are thinking about, at the deepest subconscious level, literally literally creates your life. And none of it is real. All of this is based on what others did to you or to you in years of production – when you were young and influential. So you want to break your faith because your faith is actually holding you back – you have created the expectations of others.

You could start changing your views to match them with the kind of life you want. Because how your subconscious works, when it believes something new, it will actually bring your life into line with those views. Do not scratch your head and think it's a strange statement – that's how your life is what it already is. The problem of thinking about your beliefs is that you start this process from a normal mental perspective – and that's not very good because the perspective is too narrow, too narrow, closing too many options for you.

Instead, you need to go "amazing". Faith is just an application – either someone else or your own – but what would you discover if you ran out of these programs? You have discovered your inner real! This is where you will simply discover true happiness as it happens, moments in a moment of your life that you have already created. This is where you will find yourself untouched by the shit in a normal state, insufficient with unreal faith as a mess of all our normal lives – stupid faith that holds us in our place. Stupid faith as we should know our place, as you need to work hard to succeed, as pain is never very pleasing, this pride comes true – fill in your own list.

Forget that bull. Indeed, forget who you thought you were and find out who you really are – and the life you can really have. You may have a natural nonsense – stop it. Pay attention to your disadvantages and to reality just this precious moment. Having worked with clients for forty years, I think that an immediate effective way to focus your attention – and there for all your spiritual power – has meditation. You might have a suggested idea of ​​meditation (in fact, they are probably more unconventional views) – but consider this: meditation gives an undisciplined mind discipline to simply focus on what is real at the moment as experienced by your five senses – in other words, reality before it's busy through our internal thinking machine. Meditation allows you to clear your mind about the nonsense that has sustained you. Most importantly, meditation allows you to concentrate better when you are not contemplating – in other words, when you score and set your day – when it matters.

The key to realizing is that happiness and success can only be found outside of faith – beyond the scope of normal programming and facilities. You must do all that is necessary to overcome these restrictive attitudes and really begin to experience life as it is.

Copyright (c) 2010 Willie Horton


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