Risk assessment is perception

Some people think I'm a wild girl and big risky. I always forget when I hear it because I do not feel like I'm risky. I only do action if I'm happy with it. Other people may find that what I do is quit, but I've spent time preparing for many features . Some actions I run because they are compelling and fun.

Let's take a parachute stick as an example. Eva Gregory, my BFF, had made a Tandem skydive (you're stuck on a teacher, who's a flying and big parachute) and showed me her video of the event. It was fun, but I was so afraid. I told her I would never do it. I said if I did, I had to watch her video hundred times in a row to make me pump up and increase my courage.

Skydiving was not convincing for me. Flying like a bird was convincing. I spoke a lot about flying. I had always wanted a plane, but I wanted to float through the clouds like I've always imagined that angels did it.

Very soon after paragliding with Eva, my former spouse watched me over time. I fought literally with fear and said I would not go. He said he could not get a refund. (He played.)

I ended up going but changed my perspective for fear of breaking all my limbs to hit the ground at high speed, like floating like an angel.

I ended up loving the experience and made about 300 sunscreens after that. Is there a risk? Sure, I could sustain injury, hurt someone else or die. But I do not think I have a big risk or I would not do it!

I will not jump without knowing my parachute and ordering (backup) are both packed safely. I know the direction and speed of the wind to help me choose my landing patterns. I also let me know about the plane I jumped out of and landing. Most importantly, I only jump when I'm inspired and have a clear mind.

I think riding a motorcycle, as a passenger, is a big risk. Every bone in my body peaks when I do it. I feel vulnerable on my back. Let me ride my own dirt bike or quad and I'm going to full speed. It's all about how I sense activity.

I'm always interested in climbing mountains. My friend Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success, is a climber and fellow parachute. He has climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park twice. He fell asleep on the side of the mountain hanging from a rope.

I see this as absolutely awesome! Is it possible to rush out of the climb? Yes! But he has done his homework and loves the sport. He has two children and a wife he adores, so he is very aware of the actions he takes.

Rich and I love both to play big. We love to use what we do . To play big is also a perception. Some people consider what we do as no matter as they play even bigger!

We can not compare with others when we push our own goals for risk . We have to play big enough to still feel ourselves and not so big that we can fear or pass the process. To play big can be done in business, relationships, entertainment, money and more!

Ed Viesturs is considered one of the best climbs in the world. He was the author of his own self-esteem, No shortcuts to the top: Climbing 14 Highest Peaks in the World . Ed has managed to climb the highest mountains in the world without oxygen on bottles!

He climbed Everest several times. Ed is someone who plays a big game, but he is so deeply connected to his inner being. He listens what his heart tells him, and he plays it safe on the mountain.

Eds Personal Methods for Success:

  • Training for His Climbing in the Way He Loves
  • Climb in balance so that he can withstand his stamina. weigh the mountains only to return before they choose to rise out of the wind or get a bad snafus)
  • Stop climbing or returning due to weather even if it is only a few hundred feet from the peak of the mountain that it has destroyed months before getting ready!

Because of his respect for his values ​​and climbing rules, he achieved his goal of climbing the world's fourteen highest peaks without oxygen. He never had frostbit or injury.
He caused many rescue on the mountain and saw many deaths of climbed friends. Ed's saying, "Going to the top is optional. Going down is necessary," has made decisions that are consistent with his beliefs. Therefore, he experiences success and no regret.

I love everyone to play as big in their lives as they can enjoy. Turn your sensible risk into fun by doing your homework beforehand and decide what the rules for participation are you follow .

Make sure you're an action because you want it for you . Never do it for someone else, for approval, or because experts told you to do it. If functionality is not convincing, do not do it. Going big should be exciting, not paralyzing.


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