Success and happiness are not the same

As we grow up, we are told to achieve goals, especially the highest, will bring us happiness. Get the best score, graduate from the best university, get the best jobs … And we talk to you about what we do. But let's look back. How many of you felt very happy while you did all this? How many of you felt relief instead of happiness? How many of you were very happy to get the best grade, graduate from college and get the best jobs? How long did you feel satisfied?

We have one goal to immediately put the next in an infinite competition to always get the best and the highest. We want to succeed. We want to reach the top. But do not let us be deceived. It has nothing to do with happiness, does it? The journey to these goals is usually not very enjoyable: a long moment, cumulative stress, health and time requirements … We invest so much of us that nothing is left of enjoying.

And what about reaching the top? What top? There is always another top at last, is not it? It's just never enough.

And yet the world continues to sell us the idea that success equals happiness.

Truly happy people think themselves well as they are; There could not be any other way, as it would mean missing something and, by definition, feeling unhappy. They do not need to participate in a constant race for the best and most. Depending on your own definition of happiness, enjoying your life and emotional community, and sufficient can already be seen for the results.

Some include success in their definition of happiness, true. That's their choice. Happiness is a very subjective concept. The only question they need to answer is how well they need to be to see them well enough and so happy.

Let's start by calling the things with the right names. Success is one thing. Happiness is something else. And they do not come together unnecessarily.

Next time someone tells you that to be happy, you need to be successful, ask yourself what you want from life. After all, you are the only one who can answer that question. And if the answer is successful, altogether, go to it. But do not pretend to be looking for happiness. Be honest with yourself.

And whatever you do, enjoy life, all that,


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