The quest for happiness: What are you looking for?

We all look for many things. Some of us are looking for money. Some of us look for fame. Some of us are looking for love. Some of us are looking for health. But I believe we are absolutely looking for happiness with its essence. "I'll be happy if I feel the love of my life … if I have enough money, I'll be happy … if I get this promotion … if I buy it at home .. If I get the car … "The list goes on and over, but we know all people who have money who have fame, who even have love in their lives but are still not happy.

Instead of happening, we will look directly at what makes us happy. Together, with this book, we can absolutely have a happy life. You may be asking: "Why do I want to listen to you Dr. Puff?" and that is a very good question. I will give you my answer; However, is the ultimate proof that when we go together we are improving our lives? It's always the key to anything, does it work? If this does not work for you, stop reading, put this book down and move one; but let's try to see if sometimes our lives do not improve as we move together.

I would like to give you a brief introduction about me first. You will learn a lot more about me when I go. I'm a big story and love to share my stories. Perhaps why I think I have something to say about happiness is that God created me in such a way that it was my passion in life. For example, have you ever met someone who loves music and they eat, sleep and drink music; That's all they do? Or you've known someone who loves maths and they eat, sleep and drink math. I have lived happily from a very young age; ask what makes us happy, how can we be happy and it has been a long-lasting trip. While I've learned a few things, something works that works well for being happy, being happy and maintaining happiness with the day, week, year and life. Again, the proof will be in pudding, but let's see the world happiness and see if we can not be happy either. I guarantee you that someone, absolutely someone, can be happy if they just work with it. It's a job, but after all, this is what we're all looking for. We might be looking forward to dive into our favorite sportsmen and watch them all weekend by visiting the home club and looking for the love of our lives by going to work the day after the day and hoping that We take plenty of money and everyone will be well. We will explore this and find what truly helps us to be happy, be happy and live a happy life.

I want to share a story that I once heard that I really believe explains what happiness it entails is all about. Once upon a time there was a man named Jim who prayed regularly to God for this and what ever wants something. He asked for more money, prayed for the love of his life, wanted this disease to go away, and that pain to be gone, and over and over again. He continually prayed God regularly for this and that and that and this. Perhaps we can all communicate with this in some way? Then one day, late at night while he said his prayers, a voice spoke to him out of nowhere. He was very afraid and said "who is it?" The voice answered, "I am God." You can imagine that he was both very afraid and very excited. Jim asked him, "Why are you here, God? What do you want?" God answered him, "Jim, you have been praying for me for many years and constantly asking me for things. Be all you want, but it will be the last thing I ever give you in your life to do it good man. "jim was very excited and nervous

He did not really know what to ask for and did not want to ask for the right things so he started talking to his friends and asking them for help in his decision. One friend said, "Ask for money!" but another friend said, "No, we all know people who have a lot of money but they still have a lot of problems." Another friend said, "Pray for a long life!" but another friend said, "No, if you do, you will spend all your friends and loved ones and you will be sad and lonely in life." He continued to ask people what he should pray for, but nothing seemed right; all that people would come up with had some sort of hole in what made it a bad choice. So six months later, God returned to Him. God said, "Jim, it has been six months and I need your request." What is what you want from me? "Jim said," God, can I ask you a question first? "And God said," Yes, Jim, of course you can ask me a question. "Jim asked," God, can you tell me what I want from? I do not know what to ask for? "God said," Yes, Jim, I will tell you what to pray for. Jim you ask is what happens in your life that you are happy with it. "

Think about these words …" What's happening in your life, you're happy with it. "What does this mean for you? You say," I'm at work I do not like … Can I be happy? "Of course, make the changes as you can, but if that does not change, be happy with what you if you do not have enough and you want you to have more and your accounts are there, please be happy with what you have.

It's a scientific rule that I'll talk about many times in the future saying "If someone in the universe can be happy with this & # 39; then it means there is a possibility for everyone. "This means that if someone has cancer, they are happy, meaning that all of us can be happy. If someone has lost their love of life but they can still find happiness, it means everyone can find happiness. in much detail and if you have any questions or concerns about this, I welcome your thoughts.

Basically, it's basically what this story tells us that if we learn to be content with what we have then we're happy If we learn to love what life has given us, then we are happy. Yes, we may want changes, yes, we may not be as we wish but if we are happy and loving what we have while we are to work on changes at the same time as we have a happy life.

This chapter may actually encourage more questions. answer, if possible, continue to explore with me the world of happiness. believe that some of us can be happy. It is not necessarily complicated b that it takes work. Together, let's explore how to be happy now.


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