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Another key to success is to be ready. I think this is too often we are so consumed to do, & # 39; that we forget what we really want. We get into relationships when what we really want is security. We start work that we no longer love, when what we really want is to be independent. In order to achieve more, it is important that we will prepare each day.

In his book, Think and Grow, Napoleon Hill describes the importance of knowing what we want to accomplish. Obviously, the key is to have a very specific and clear picture of what we want. When we aim at goals that are consistent with our purpose, all thoughts are expected to be limited; and your mind covers restrictions. & # 39; Napoleon Hill is one of the leaders of thought to become a part & # 39; mentality. You may have seen the website "tut.com" where you can subscribe to daily messages from the universe. Anyway, since you will see that the message about & thoughts becomes things, choose them good. & # 39;

The power behind this message consists of three factors: 1. Clear definition of purpose, 2. Perseverance and 3. Burning desire. It is said that success is an attitude and what you think and react well to; you will attract success. It's also important to mention that even & # 39; Mistakes bring a chance with them, because we should not be afraid to fail. I know that this particular mind requires a lot of work to get it done, but I'm convinced that nobody is ready to take anything off because she believes she can acquire it. There must be a true sense of faith and no desire for wishes or hopes, as described above, represents the victim and hopelessness. Remember, each failure may give you an opportunity to recover well.

So, have you said how are you ready? One of the best ways to achieve is to set goals. I know that a lot has been said about setting goals and you've probably heard tons of this stuff. My approach to setting goals is to shoot a lot. My coach once told me that it's a magic to go to a larger scale; She said there is plenty of competition and focus on the little ones, so she told me to go high; higher than you think you can.

In fact, we set all goals to some extent; The problem is twofold: First, we do not mind them because we do not think about them long enough, I request my clients to write them down. When you see them in writing and you often look at them, it is a commitment to a higher level. Another issue with goals is to give up too soon. No one said it would be easy; need back commitment, dedication, passion …. hence it's important that you shoot for what you want. Every time you decide to go deeper into your definition of what you want & # 39; or as you go to explore what will it take, you're still ready. Ready to reach, prepare to receive and this is the key to opening your potential.

With your goals set up; with clarity and determination; you must trust yourself You need to know that every day you are moving towards success. You should stop and celebrate each triumph and remind you that no matter how difficult; you can do it

Before anything happens in the world, it must be in your mind and # 39; ~ Anthony Robbins

See? When you set your goal (yes, I live by goals – I'm a coach!) You are setting up your roadmap. All options are part of the map, all options, all shortcuts and departures, all terrain and all the railways. It is all taken into account and the plan is set by knowing that you have what it takes to get there. That's what I call to be ready.

As you see your own success grow with every little child step and victory, the goal will become a habit … and little after your life gain momentum and go from strength to strength …. to increase your nourishing muscles and at the same time gives you greater confidence. Being prepared is important before taking a new responsibility; before making new decisions; and the best part is that you can start where you are now as long as you have clarity, purpose and passion. Continue your quest to find ways to open your potential. When you discover all you have in you and start using these assets as a way to get to your destination; You will experience success in everything you do. But if you're stuck and uncertain about how to open your potential, it might be training you.

2010 Maria Martinez


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