10 Reasons that cause depression and what to do

You are nervous

In simpler terms, you are worried. In a meeting, you are most likely to be yourself, lost in your own thoughts and think of what you might have said or done last year to change your entire situation. You are worried about the past, now and in the future. You probably look at others and try to figure out how they still smile. You want to stop thinking, but just do not know how to. When you're worried constantly, keep on talking and have no solution yet. Then it becomes addiction, the next thing you know, you begin to ask people's thoughts, their answers and then you ask their own openness. You must have heard the words "concern is useless," although it is not completely useless, because it may be okay to worry about issues. It shows that you are a caring person and are ready to offer solutions. But must learn to let go and relax sometimes. Worrying abnormally can lead to depression.

You are a perfectionist

You see that a man writes in your cloth while ironing and it breaks you so much until you straighten it out. Anyone who spots the disk just hits you so much that you can not ignore it. You immediately get out of place if something does not go as planned. You're probably (DIY) made it yourself a kind person, your touch makes it perfect. You love the order so much that another mess can leave you distracted. You can sometimes be too difficult in yourself, even over trivial matters. While it's good to be a pedantic, it can lead to a lot of disappointment because you keep raising your expectations about people, food, environment and lifestyle.


Negative thinking patterns, most often behind most depression. You find it hard to be optimistic. Immediately, the goal is set, think about millions of ways to get it wrong. You may have a good idea, and as it comes up, start thinking, nobody will buy this, & # 39; & # 39; that's not good enough. & # 39; Can you see a link? You are nervous, perfectionist and maybe pessimistic? Life is riddled with uncertainty and approaching life with such a mental framework is not only harmful to the soul but overall well-being. You must learn to change your thinking. You can start repeating yourself by how much you need to be positive immediately negative thinking crops. Try to ponder, take time to be alone and try to calm your racing thoughts.


You may be under pressure from work, school or from trying to match expectations from friends and family. Perhaps you find it difficult to work for your youth, social and family life. Pressure from all that can leave one feeling bad and dose. Here's what you can do. Create a routine and routine to follow what you put for yourself. As people work best when we set goals for what to do, you can go as far as setting goals for even the next minute and be sure to see it through. Managing stressors properly can prevent excessive mental washing.


When you come to making and making decisions you are always pussyfooting. You might be scared or mysterious to take this bold step. Every minute of our lives requires us to take measures, from waking up, bathing, doing chores, all the way to making important decisions about life. Being indecisive would make you postpone a lot, and that may make you feel insufficient. This could make it harder to get that monkey behind you.


Our mind works in such a way that everything happens in a flick. We can be too keen on circumstances at times that it breaks us down when it takes longer than usual to do it. You must first understand that everything follows a process. You did not start talking that day. It took you a few years to become an adult. Everything happens in stages. Explain the deception that things bought to happen as soon as you want. The universe does not follow your will, and you have no power over how the events appear, you only control how it affects you. It is said that good things take time. Being patient helps you cope with uncertainty better.

Very fragile

Are you good at betraying, feeling deep, feeling uncomfortable in a large crowd and expecting them to be judged? Then you can be very sensitive. For very vulnerable persons, treatment of depression is more profound, especially to someone who has suffered injury. Forced thoughts on the shock could cause sadness to the individual. Know it's okay to leave it out, because it is expected to be a pain, it allows you to heal. Make sure you reach the root of a trauma, know what causes your pain. It's as simple as asked, why am I bored? & # 39; or & # 39; How did I get here? & # 39; Otherwise, you would continue to grieve and forget about cure.


Sometimes the picture is how it should be perfect, where we should be, which causes us pain. Like humans, we are aiming driven and filling only happy when our long dreams have passed. But sometimes we have and hold very unrealistic expectations and make us dark. For example, want to own the latest Lamborghini Murciélago, and your income can not even afford a scooter. Then you start to betray your candidacy to buy Lamborghini. You want to cut your coat according to your size and stop the desire for what you've achieved. Just try to thank the little things and continue with what you have.


You must not be spiritually inculcated, as you are tired of waiting to be saved by divinity in this terrible injury. But faith in the supreme creature can be liberating grace during this period. Each individual operates in different religious systems. I daresay we are nothing without some kind of faith. Some people find relief in believing the supreme creature of time, and psychologically, it has been tried to be very useful in dealing with depression. Reconnect to the spiritual side, turn on the fire, pray and move again.


Overwork that you may need to disagree with what makes you happy. This may be because you do not want to deal with rejection or disappointment again. So you've been living this great lifestyle and accepting a sad situation as a state of affairs. That's why you do not expect anything to cheer you up. In fact, you are struggling to be happy. Make a conscious effort to change your mindset. If possible, change the environment you create and the actions that you make. Also try to remind you of a good time and think about it, remember you were not always like this. This will help to fix this unhealthy mindset and help to achieve positive thoughts.

It is also advisable to seek medical attention while dealing with depression. You might think of seeing a psychologist and attending treatment meetings. Cognitive behavioral treatment CBT is also a good treatment for depression. Never feel you are asking for help. You deserve all the happiness in the world.


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