15 Tricks to Be More Creative

In today's world, if you are not at all a little creative, soon a robot will work in your job. But to prevent these artistic flourishing or innovative solutions is not all that easy. Sometimes this mouse just does not speak.

This is not an inspired list designed to convince you that you are unique and creative snowflakes. This is more than when you & Here are 15 tricks to help them collect those creative juices again.

1- Exercise.

Get those endorphins flowing. The exercise is stress-intensive and creative triggering and courageous repetition is the secret to letting your creative mind slide. And remember, no matter how much you loath this task, think it's even better than stumble your way through a running job workout wish you could have a cheeseburger. It helps to get a little perspective.

2. Take a shower.

After all the exercise tries to force creativity, you're still sweating desperate. Now you can talk about it. Okay, maybe not, but the shower is a great place to drink the world and relax your mind to make it go. And the mind of wanderlust is the fertilizer for new ideas.

3. Sleep on it

Therefore, you always tested exams when you fell asleep on the book rather than chat right before the exam. Your mind requires sleep, and sleep really helps you organize your thoughts and shake new things for free. It gives you the opportunity to look at old problems in a new way.

Be curious.

What tasks are you working? Is it for a customer or a particular topic? Do some research. Allow yourself to get lost in your content and find something that's interesting to you, even if it's prominent. Be curious about it. The more you associate with the subject, the more creative you will be when you try to work with it.

5. Listen to music.

Listen to music – just listen to music – helps the mind to relax. It is also attractive with images and emotions. You know what you are trying to get in touch to make your project creative? They. Ideas come from a complex combination of problems, feelings and experiences. Let the music flow over you and just go with it. Yes, man. Groovy.

6. Copy someone else.

Okay, not exactly. But trying to imitate another good job is a way to push yourself in a creative way. Copy their ideas or their style or technology or any other intangible role, but not their actual work. By trying to recreate something you want already as you are likely to add on it and change it to fit your personal bias and style.

7. Select Tone or Theme.

Sometimes you get creativity down in detail and detail. Do not confuse the wood for the trees, here. Bake up, take a deep breath and ask yourself: "Yourself, what is the overall theme, message or tone?" By having a big picture to fall back on, you may find yourself having opened new creative ways.

8. Look at Pretty Colors.

Sometimes choosing colors that would work together can give you a new perspective on your creative project. Perhaps you would not have seen things in this light before. Who knows. Try different color combinations or play around with Adobe Kuler to see if you're kidding any new ideas. You can also check some art or even browse the internet for things like DeviantArt. Try telling a story about an interesting photo you've seen. Do not you know the story? Make it up It's half fun.

9 Look at different fonts.

Severe. Enter the sentence or title of the project and see how it looks like a new font. There are plenty of free fonts and databases out there, and some of them even allow you to enter your own text. Try 1001 Fonts, Squirrel Fonts or DaFont, to name a few. Heel them and click randomly, help you imagine the project as it was in the font … and maybe you just find something you had not thought of before.

10. Clean something.

Potential projects are great for generating ideas and organization is often calming. In addition, you do not want to clean yourself while you are in a sense of creativity, do you think? Best get it done now.

11 – Drive by car.

Driving and listening to music (or listening to silence) is a great way to clear your mind. It's also a little hypnotic and this hypnosis helps you complicate creative problems in your mind like a loose tooth that you are scrambling with your tongue. Sometimes something goes wrong. Just do not talk on the phone while driving. It is disturbing. To other drivers.

12 – Get mad.

You know everything you really want to say terribly to the customer? You know them when you just want to say "really guys, this is the truth you do not want to hear", or write a searing email to your boss? Write them down. Then pull it out. Many of us have created mental obstacles to say exactly what we had because we do not want people to think we are psychopaths. Break these obstacles and tell exactly what you mean. It works well and often you will discover (somewhere) a new way to approach the problem. Just by being honest.

Then destroy the evidence. Make sure you do not actually send these emails. In fact, you do not even have an address in & # 39; recipient & # 39; line. Just be safe.

13. Spend yourself sometime at once.

Whether you go in the woods or stands on a roof skyscraper, only time is the creativity the favorite place to grow. I am sure there is a psychological or neurological reason for this, but I do not know what it is. I just know that other people and electronics are not only disturbing, it causes anxiety. Turn off the phone. Kill the news channel. Mentally get away from it all. It is really well appreciated that people who increase more time by thinking, tend to be creative (and actually more spiritual fit). I'm not talking about locking in your mother's basement for a year, but a ten-minute walk should not be a lot of stress.

14. Teach someone what you do.

I do not mean step by step, but the process of shaping your creative problem with another person is incredibly useful when searching for new methods for old problems. This is especially useful if you are trying to explain things to a child (or stupid friend), because you need to come up with a much more accessible way to shape your idea.

Believe it or not, even complaining about the problem helps you work it out. Just do not complain about me.

15 Drawing or Building Something

Actually, something repeats that requires tension. The trick here is to let your mind go numb. It's actually linked in some way to self-esteem. It lets you think about you. And the theme of this post is to let your mind go. Repeating or thinking often is good because it allows you to start talking to yourself with your mind. & # 39; You just do not answer the voice loudly and you are good.


Just start. The hardest part of doing something creative is to come across frustration that can not start for fear of doing something that will not work. Do not be afraid to start something with a lot of kinks. You can revisit later to work the people who are checking out, but it's more important to get into the area by starting, but it's boasting the information that may or may not work. Unless you are a surgeon.

Okay, you're creative now. Stop relaxing reading articles and start creating!


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