Five secrets to unlimited motivations

Motivate Hate or Motivate

5 Secrets for Unlimited Motivation

In life, we need energy to live, exist and make part of our lives and others. But sometimes we can miss life by talking about it. Like this:

• I'm just not annoyed
• It's just too much effort, I'm tired
• It's not worth the same
• Yes, one of these days …
• Yes, I know I should, but …

Listen familiarly? If this is you and you are saying this to yourself and or others, you lack one of the main ingredients in the recipe of life, MOTIVATION:
MOTIVATION; Psychological feature that introduces an individual to action towards the desired goal; The reason for the operation

So can we define motivation but help it? Usually not enough! What is this called & quot; motivation & # 39;? Where do you think so? How can we get an interest?

The first secret to sharing here is Secret No.1 & motivation is not a thing & # 39; It is not a noun. You must never travel over the motivation someone has left in the bathroom, nor will you find a lump of it in the fridge! Has anyone bought a kilo of motivation from the store? I do not think so!

If that is the case, what is motivation, how can we be encouraged and more important how can we encourage us? Do you want unlimited motivation, is this interested in you? If so, please read that it is the design of this article.

Motivation is a thinking or process that we work for … Did you notice what you read? & # 39; … That's what we're doing! What does this mean? That means we are responsible for how enthusiastic or not we are! That means there is no point in looking for another to provide motivation for us; Indeed, it is impossible for others to encourage us, only we can decide what is or is not an incentive for us. So secret # 2 to motivation is "We are responsible for how much our interest is". Can you start to perceive the power you have over yourself when you take responsibility for yourself?

What is what drives us to worry? What drives motivation? Furthermore, motivate us to what we want, need or believe? What is this fuel? The answer leads us to secrecy. 3, "feelings are fuel incentives" # 39; and really is what drives us! Consider how emotions & # 39; move or take action, the best place to start could be a word & # 39; feeling.

E-movement, as we look better at this word we can see its structure.

& # 39; E-nergy in Motion & # 39 ;; (Feeling). Our emotions are our energy. Typically, we can set emotions & # 39;
• Positive
• Passive
• Negative

As we can define our feelings in these three simple models, what does it also say about our energy? Well, we can make the same distinction for our types of energy; positive, neutral and negative energy. This leads us to Secrets No.4 & # 39; People are motivated and can encourage themselves with these 3 different types of energy & # 39; so you can!

The effect of positive emotions often gives us the energy to move towards what we want or need, we feel somehow pulled or pulled (prompt). When we experience neutral feelings, we can understand or understand it & # 39; and with negative feelings we experience discomfort, pain and we (being motivated) try to get or move from the causes of such. We can symbolize this by means of a diagram:

The Aids

Whether we go from pain and consequences or to good emotions or consequences in our lives, create the energy we propose to do. This is motivation. Now what this gives us is a trend to develop unlimited motivation for all we want to do or have in life.

Usually, people have a choice of any end of the motivation axis that they encourage or encourage. We can ask ourselves some questions to identify our own choices to get motivated. Ask yourself the following questions and check if you are interested in what you want or away from what you do not want:

I'm getting out of bed in the morning;
1. Because I need to (away from)
2. Because I want to start the day

I take the medicine regularly;
1. Because I do not want to get sick or possibly die

When asked, I will go out and meet with others;
1. Because I like to meet and be with other people
2. Because it's rude, not too and I do not want to upset anyone (away from)

I keep my home tidy;
1. Because I like it (to)
2. Because I did not get it or someone unexpected can get around (from now on)

I understand that regular exercise is healthy for you;
1. And I exercise because I want to get the health of it (towards)
2. And I practice that if I do not greet me, I get worse (away from)

I do things;
1. Because I Can
2. Where I Have To

How Many To & # 39; or & # 39; away from & # 39; did you find? Most people find themselves motivated at one end of the axis, either mostly to or mostly away from.

Now that you have this understanding of how you are usually encouraged, we can go to Secret No.5.

This secret is the one who brings all other secrets together and will show you how to get an unlimited number of incentives for the rest of your life! Secret # 5 says "Combine both from and toward energy at the same time as you will create personal motivation that drives you into the action" By becoming aware of other energy available to you, at the other end Encouragement, you can speed up emotional motivation to get you to take action, to worry and finally control you!

Either now or later, take 5 minutes to take you through unlimited motivation patterns below. These x simple questions can be applied to everything you need more motivation for, anytime, anywhere. After using this pattern a few times, you must encourage yourself and possibly others as an expert!

Unlimited amount of motivational pattern

1. Identify something in your life that you want to be more interested in (This can be something, go out more, go to the gym or do the housework a bit …)
2. Once you've identified something, write it down so you do not forget what you're working on.
3. Consider the current motivational style associated with this activity, are you encouraged from or towards? If you're away from reading and asking yourself Part A, if you're reading and asking yourself Part B

Part A, You're Moving From Pain or Consequences, But You Can Prevent It In Some time. First, check how real the inconvenience is, what else might be a problem or even more pain if you do not take action.

To add even more energy to the announcement of what you get that is good or enjoyable once you've taken the action or started working. Notice how well it feels and how well it will be after you finish this activity … So when you experience all of this activity, note how much energy you have to take the step to do it. . Go do it then!

Part B, You are moving to action, but it does not draw you enough to take action. First, notice what attraction or draw you in the first place, just as you think about it, ask yourself what's important to me about this …

What is the importance of this means that how do you feel about it now, knowing this? Just imagine what that would mean if you never did, you would never realize this meaning and its importance. It might be the beginning of tempting other important and significant things in life, you do not want it true that you would? Be aware of this increase of pleasure and potential pain if you do not affect it as soon as you can. Now, notice how much energy and motivation you know for this … Continue!

Congratulations on doing or starting activity, note how well you can encourage you to do the actions that are important to you. Be aware of the confidence and self-confidence you have when you read this and start taking the first steps to become an expert in developing your own motivation, imagine the possibilities you have now for your life … now.


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