How to encourage children

The word motivation is used to describe the reason why an individual practices certain behaviors. According to Ingen, "motivation encourages initiative, direction, intensity and perseverance of human behavior". Motivation can also be expressed with words like – stimulus and motivation. Simply put motivation is the reason or reasons the individual has in a certain way.

There has been an incentive for various research in psychological and neurological studies to understand human behavior. It is always desirable to encourage a child to his well-being, intelligently. Three instincts sex, preservation and the need to be social; dominates human life. It is important to acknowledge the fact that children are also looking for their own interests in what they do. The same can be well done with the right motivation.

Teacher teacher named "Master student" has recorded nine enthusiasm for the healthy growth of children. These are – love, personal benefit, copy, pleasure, security, the need to avoid fear, the need to experience new things and comfort or the tendency to make things that are simple and easy.

It can be easily seen from the above that it is best to encourage children to play a role in making them feel comfortable. These are also what we want them to do.

Age's old reward and punitive policy of children's stimulation is actually short-lived and makes them greedy and terrible. Powerful motivations are always emotional in nature. The focus must be on the actual long-term needs of the child. While doing assignments, the child should feel that he is acquiring it personally.

Self-esteem or increased self-esteem can be a very powerful motivation to make children behave in a certain way. Such praise and appreciation can be a very good motivation. Being like others makes them feel good. Make them feel doing something will make them like everyone or someone they admire can be a very good motivation. Giving a variety of experiences and motivations in a fun way can be great for getting some children to work.

The new age-old way to learn is based on this theory, where pleasure is the greatest motivation for men to perform. It is important to think of all the above references, to work creatively with children.


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