Selected inside – 4 features to focus on the joy within defeating the struggle

Joy gives strength despite what your external circumstances can suggest. Think about what you are going through now and then become aware of what you are thinking about in your circumstances. Is it positive or is it draining your life? Are you full of joy or stress?

Here are 4 steps you can use now to focus on the joy to overcome what battle you are today.

Action Step # 1 – Go From Head to Heart

What is a normal pattern when you're disappointed? Do you think of the problem so much that your head hurts? Are you anarchist until you find yourself dry? Think of your mental habits when you are dealing with your situation and then go from head to heart. Release your mind from mental turmoil and look into your heart for joy.

Action Step # 2 – Joy the Joy Within

Consciously, you can find the joy within. Thinking about it is part of it but it's a more emotional thing. As you feel the joy, you concentrate on this energy and the feeling that your mind will be free from spiritual endeavors.

Action Step # 3 – Get Into Joy

Keep this happy vibe in you as you go through the day and work through the process of solving the situation. As you feel the energy of resentment that starts to overcome you again, change your thoughts and feelings to the joy within.

Action Step # 4 – Fuel This Joy

Joy comes from the spirit of unconditional love. Let the love of the great spirit of the beam pass through the heart and continue to please the joy of the inside. Remember the first time you've been in love with how you felt full of joy? Unconditional love continues to flow abundantly every moment of the day. Tap in and lie in love loves and fuel the joy inside.


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