Self-determination – make the most of you

It's hard to break the mold because of being a child. The only supplement of the year does not make it happen. The amount that many adults choose, keeps them in childish mindset. If the doctor makes our health determinations, then the account of our financial officer, our minister is ethical and politician after deciding on our rights, how is it different from a child being told what to do by teachers and parents?

Administrative amounts and changes are not equivalent.

Childhood is filled with lots of doses and not, rights and injustice, reward and punishment. However, children who are welcome are not necessarily self-sufficient. Tell children not to tattle and sometimes they will not – for a while. Teach the moral concepts of confidentiality and devotion by touching the inner sense of conscience, and taking is more likely to remove personality. Investigate a child who followed the neighborhood and in slavery, and sometimes, just maybe, he will not throw apples again. By giving him confidence, he will probably have the courage to reverse the match. Tell the child not to eat so many french fries, and sometimes she will not – until the next opportunity when you're not around you. Teach it logic behind the value of natural foods and harmful effects of food processing and you have given her life-time roadmap for better health.

Growing is thinking – reasons, causes, consequences, conscience and long-term vision. Unfortunately, as we get away from nature, in our comfortable homes, air-conditioned vehicles and cushy jobs, we keep less and less like we have to become addicted. We live in times when natural can meet all needs by getting a chair. No hunting and gathering today. No, refrigerators are full, and if they are not we can run in a grocery store. If we are insufficient enough, we can get the next car park and use a battery car so we do not even have to do it. Back home, we all have a potential modern device that makes life easier. The television set is on hand for more dumbing down and giving us rest from that grueling trip to the supermarket and fast food risk on our way home.

Our modern world is health, both spiritually and physically. But we're in for more comfort, more leisure, less responsibility, more entertainment and less work. We need the opposite, more work and activity for our physical health and greater control of our lives for our mental health. We are like a sheep to pray for slaughter. The less we take on ourselves, the more we trust others, the more we put ourselves in their mercy. Will our interests be served by others or ourselves? Doctrine tells us that when we give up on others and trust that they will look after us that turns out to be the case? The rise and fall of peoples over time shout a sounding no! Do we have to learn from history or repeat it?

Although it is difficult in a modern, contextual, complex society, think of yourself as sovereign. Require unavailable rights or you have no. Finally, you are the best steward of your own well-being. By taking control, you get away from childhood and make life interesting, exciting and healthy.

Here are some ideas about what I mean:

1. Need to make repairs or housing benefits? Try it yourself. Buy "do-it-yourself" books and ask your hardware and lumberyard clerks how to do it.

2. Sew and make your own clothes.

3. Plant the garden.

4. Cut each other hair.

5. Clean your own teeth.

6. Your homeschooling kids.

7. Represent you in court.

8. Write a letter to the right social wrong. Express yourself after you are fully informed.

9. Help solve the environmental situation – plant trees, recycle, reduce, reuse and become active in protecting common areas and resources.

10. Be as healthy, strong and as smart as you can be. You learn how to do it; do not try to hire someone else.

11. Cook (actually, learn more about how to uncook) your own meals.

12. Prepare your pet's food.

13. Investigate the Constitution (when was the last time you read the agreement between the government and you?) And assert your rights.

14. Be your own doctor. Investigate and explore ways to cure yourself and develop your full health potential.

15. Learn to play a musical instrument. Try it on your own without class lessons. Always look for opportunities to say, "I did everything with myself."

16. Challenge "experts". If they ask you to be too dumb to understand – turn them off.

17. Develop your own business – full or part time. Do something that you use as much as your hobby. It does not have to be a big moneymaker. It simply has to be yours.

18. Or, do your own business by doing more than you expect. Be creative and always try to improve. Be a leader at work, not a follower.

19. Bicycles, walking or roller blades for work. Save as much as possible from the car. The sunshine, fresh air and exercise also pay a health bonus.

20. Write a book or article. Yes you Write about something that draws attention, or you are able to investigate. What about independence? You are the best expert in it. If you can get it out, fine. If not, do it yourself.

21. Learn a new sport – but do not take lessons. Watch, read and buy videos. Surprise yourself and others with what you can do on your own.

22. Stop buying. Necessity and some fear once in a while are fine. But 50 pairs of high heel or 40 neckties? Say no to the market. Go ahead with your dollar. Supporting companies with conscience. Use your money in some way to improve our world. You are good. You take control. Serve others; do not require them to serve you.

23. Take the attitude that if another flesh and blood person can do that, you can do that too. It could take you farther and you could not do it too, but then what?

Get the idea?

Allowed, you can not become totally entrepreneurial, but every step you make in that direction – the more you can nudge the "experts" and government contradictions – the more life you'll have, the longer you'll live it and healthier you will be. Crowds who are busy taking care of themselves will appreciate and protect the freedom to do it. Residents ignorant, dependent and with their hands out to the government offers a bid.

Do not let your modern life crush you with a thoughtful lap of ease and comfort. Life is hard to work if you do it right. The goal of life is not a phantasmagoric end that we could imagine (forever nausea, by chance), but the journey went well with you in the helmet.


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