The definition of happiness – quick and simple

As a coach and trainer in the field of motivation, leadership and lasting happiness, I often feel that when I use the word "happiness, people do not really know what I'm talking about." This baffles me, probably because I has a very clear definition of what I mean happily. The question that appears most often, especially when I'm talking about "longing happiness" is: & nbsp; have pleasure or pleasure?

Because I I do not think anyone could be very happy all the time. My immediate response to this is usually: Why not? The problem seems to be that people see "happiness" like something that happens sometimes and it does feel good when it happens, but they can not imagine to be in a state where you constantly laugh and smile like stupid. But I am very happy. Happiness is all perceived as "emotional" fr on the basic pleasure or pleasure, all the way to roll on the floor to laugh and a moment of pure bliss. All this is happiness. So here's my quick and simple definition of happiness:

Happiness is anytime you feel well. So what do I mean when I talk about thinking happiness? What I am referring to is a process that increases your overall happiness. This process is double. First of all, with the above definition of happiness, you get a place where you are "emotional" most of the time (and I mean 90 to 95 percent of time, not "most" and in 55% of the time). Secondly, you experience higher levels of "roll-on-height" and # 39; feel good feelings than & nbsp; sufficiently & # 39; feelings. In essence, you are increasing the amount and quality of the time you feel good.

The short answer is – Yes. And I'm sure your next question is: "How exactly?" Well it's not a quick process, it takes time and commitment on behalf of anyone who wants to increase their happiness. But I will give you some of the things we go over as part of this process.

1) Happiness comes from inside not outside.

I know, you've heard it before. You already know this. But despite knowing this, it's still the main problem people have to be not happy. Even I, who have learned happiness and live in 95% happiness, still have problems with this from time to time.

2) Happiness comes from knowing and loving yourself and knowing and living your purpose.

This is related to the above idea that happiness comes from within, just at bile level. If you know what you are, love who you are, know what you're supposed to do and do it, this will boost your happiness. Even just working on one of these goes far.

3) Different things work for different people

There are certain methods that can be used to enhance your happiness, but you must find the right thing that works for you. Expressing gratitude / gratitude is common to people, but it does not work for everyone. I see so many happiness who say – "Make gratitude and you will be happier!" Well, you could be. Probably it is done for someone who tells you to do this. However, if you do not do it for yourself, you went thinking, "I can not be happier – it should have worked". Well, I'm telling you there are many other ways to enhance your happiness and I'm sure that at least one will work for you. You just need to find the right one and practice it on a regular basis. s definition of happiness and what it means to have lasting happiness. For more information on how to get one of these, click the link in life below.


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