The quest for happiness is to make you miserable

This life is the only life we ​​know, so we are forgiven to want to live on our terms – the concepts of happiness.

God wants to give us more happiness, at least with the happiness we consider to make us happy.

Happiness is a fake for the joy God has for us.

Something's happening in one day that makes happiness & # 39; a pipedream that you must say goodbye to.

We call it sadness; a loss that sends us a spin of a thousand turns per minute in a condensation desperation.

The slave of life that crushes us to the point of pouring us into a thousand pieces. This is a psychic area where we experience something we never think of, as a person, we could always or would.

We are amazed at how deep suffering is likely. From our own experience, we see it irreplaceable. And compassion generates us in proportion to how much we are overwhelmed; The talks are taking place – we know the suffering we are suffering, but we also see how it opens the eyes of the heart. God is doing it.

I know sorrow – the experience of life to lose everything until it broke me – this experience along with God's Fatigue Presence and Recovery Plan – forced me regularly to a place where I had no defense.

Every time I got up, I found out that I was broken down, but I really felt that God was for me and not against me. I could not get such an understanding in my own mind or strength. It was a gift and I do not know why I got it and others around me do not. I know I was desperate for help. I know I could no longer make life on my own.

The terms of securing my own happiness had responded to me miserably.

I know it was a blessing in disguise to feel completely beaten but be open for help.

Faith is the golden gate to the true experience of Christian life, and the loss is the captain.

The kingdom of God is opposed to a state. It works through a loss, not effective. The most effective are forever preventing the life that could be unfortunate at the moment. Improving Jesus for a successful life makes life a little bit altruistic. Good. That is good. But it fails because it is spiritual based on happiness; on a floating announcement of prosperity, not an everlasting reservation that transforms.

Transformation can not happen without suffering from damage, so we did not buy an end to loss, because there is a chance.

I'm often a companion person who has not yet suffered. When it comes, they will not know what hit them! This was my reality at the age of 36, which is so lucky I care about all the children who suffer because they have not been developed. The Spirit of God is found in suffering, in sorrow, in (real) persecution because it is in these places that we help in the hope that it will come and the longer we reach without experiencing the help that we need, while chasing reliably to endure, deeper God takes us in himself. It is an amazingly consistent method that God uses. Trust it.

The quest for happiness is to make you miserable. It's because you use God to get something that you've thought in your mind that you feel to satisfy you; your dream, your vision, your plan. And God can not give it to your own nature. Besides, what you think will satisfy you will never satisfy you.

God will not be used. God will not allow us to use it. But when we say, "God, use me in any small and insignificant way you want," He blesses this heart in a spiritual way that enhances virtue.

Invaluable things in life are spiritual things, not material assets.

Suffering addresses us to some treasures a person might have: sympathy, insight, awareness, consideration, caring, tolerance and heart to make love and desire to walk humbly.


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