The secret to constant happiness

I'm going to let you in a big secret here. It's a secret to happiness.

Are you ready for this?

Nothing out there makes you happy.

There is nothing apart from yourself that will make you happy.

These are fairly radical statements. Nothing makes you happy !? Really?

That's right!

This does not mean it's impossible to experience the state of happiness. Obviously this is not the case, as you have experienced our lives. Of course it is possible to experience happiness.

To get a deeper understanding of what these two statements mean, let's dig a little further.

Generally, it is usually when we feel a sense of happiness because we have experienced it. Perhaps the lover tells us "I love you" or we get a presentation in our work or a stranger who walks down the street smiles at us and blinks, whatever, it's some kind of external cause, "" or happiness .

In reality, these external events are not so much happiness as they are TRIGGER to allow happiness within the United States to shine.

It's so important that I'll tell you again.

19659002] There is no external source of happiness. Events that seem to make sense of happiness are simply TRIGGER to allow domestic happiness to flow and realize.

So if external events are simply triggering, what is the source of happiness and what is it to stop flowing and prevent it from getting out?

The Ego: Your Emotional Gatekeeper

The title is this spiritual word creature within you that says that you can find happiness when ABC happens but not when XYZ happens. ABC is convicted and labeled as "good" but XYZ is considered "bad".

When your emotional state is controlled by an external situation, you have held HOSTAGE of the world. You have allowed yourself to manage, like an emotional slave.

So, the self is what usually matters when you feel comfortable and when you let yourself feel bad.

Next time you feel good, check where happiness really is. Really look great. Is it literal from you? Is it coming from within? See yourself.

Why is the self in control of my feelings?

This is the case because you have delivered the emotional steering wheel into the self by choosing to allow you to make decisions for you. Instead of choosing awareness of how you respond to a particular situation, you have allowed yourself to respond to a response-automatically response (retroactivity, responding to previous programming, much like a computer) to external stimuli.

Your true nature is to choose who you are and allow you to experience the world from the place of perfect, unrelated attachment. You are conscious of watching a parade in the form of dancing in front of you like a man watching a movie being played on the movie screen. You are looking at the pictures. You are not the pictures themselves. The images do not have authority over you unless you are with them and allow them to take control of you.

The owner is in control because you have chosen to stop making decisions from higher sources, higher ones.

What is a source of happiness?

Happiness is like the sun's light. The plot is like the clouds that prevent the sun's light.

Your goal is not to create more sun, but to solve the clouds that prevent sunlight from reaching you. Only then will you bask in the glory of his warmth.

Happiness is accessible to all and one. There is no one who has no access to it.

This happiness I'm talking about is pure joy to be. The source of happiness is your feature, your own existence.

"It does not sound very exciting!" you could say I'm being me and I'm not ridiculously happy! This can not be true.

Ah, it's not that happiness is not there. It's already there if you'd only allow it in your heart.

This joy, this joy, it is God's love and it will only come into your heart if you let it go. Remember that you have free will and only by participating in your freedom to allow God's love that you are open to receiving it.

This happiness is an infinite, state of happiness from this world, both in visual and literal form!

The source of happiness is God. God is happiness. It is beyond any kind of human feeling. There is something that needs to be understood, because it is not possible to describe the words well enough.

What do I do with the gatekeeper?

It's up to you. Illusion is that you need to allow happiness to come into your life. You need to do something or be special to feel good.

It's ironic that you put this gatekeeper in place, saying he should guard and forget to put it in the first place. You forgot that it was never really necessary!

If you want to experience a gradual higher and higher state of happiness, continuous expansion sites, and blissfully open state to be, the way to do is to get the gatekeeper by the way.

He is a little boy, however, and every time you cook him, he keeps on alerting. He thinks he's so important that you really need him to stop happiness happiness! What would happen if you were too happy! Oh no! lol …

Allow the gatekeeper to leave.

Allow him.

Do not try to fight him or push him away. Engaging in an epic battle with him will only enhance his trust. Why? He can block more of your happiness! Tasks achieved!

He works by pushing his own happiness and telling you "should not feel good about it" or "you're not good enough to feel good" or anything. He tells you you should not feel well.

Do not listen to him. Allow his words to be lost in the wind and dance away with a breeze.

As he continues to push, if no one is pushing back, he turns to the right. As he crosses, you will be affected by SURGE's inner joy and happiness.

Woohoo !!

It can be quite overwhelming if you are not used to dealing with this great energy, at least not at first.

To find out that he is not doing his job and that you do not use much energy, just jump back into place and stop happiness.

You could even thank him for it because he "protects you" now too much happiness. Do you understand how ridiculous this really is when you look at it !?

Continue the custody guard.

Allow him to push and fall over. Do not offer resistance.

As you build muscle, the more you practice it, the better you get it. Soon you must be in a continuous state of flow.

Ironically, you no longer have to go to be happy and allow what you really want to enter into your life. It's really when you do not need something you find it appearing in your life.

There's nothing you need in life to be happy. All that is necessary is to stop pushing the self and allowing it to fall below its own weight.

Let the gatekeeper go and the result will always be a lot of joy and joy.

Coming !!!: D


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