What are you doing with your mind?

What are you doing with your mind? What are you thinking about? If you need to reach your personal or business market this year, you need to look at the diet you have in mind. Most people take time to choose what they eat without regard to what their minds "eat". If you join this group, it's a great time you started choosing your thinking.

The development of mental muscle will give you the power to achieve everything you want in life. This will not be easy. It certainly requires some discipline on your part. Before you complain that you can not do this, check out the world's largest bodybuilding. They do not appear in the gym at any time. They create a workout time they follow religiously. They are in the gym every day no matter what happens.

The starting point is to hire you as your "spiritual administrator". Calculate how much you are paying yourself and create a work list. Here are six jobs that you can connect to yourself to create a stronger mind.

1. Read to the right

How much news is there in the newspapers? Editors usually say: " If it bleeds, it leads. " Read books – good books, books that inspire you and books that inspire you. Look at some of the great creators in your shopping cart. Read them every morning and / or every night before going to sleep. Someone has gone through the same challenge you are currently facing in your life or business and have put their experiences in a book. Go to find such a book and learn from their experience.

2. Share Your Mind

Find someone, or group of people, who share the same desire to share positivity. This is called masterminding. Great results are created when great thoughts come together and think about the same things. Now write the names of 3 people you know can go with you on this trip and commit to meeting at least once a week to keep your mind together.

3. Find a mentor

I have a mentor for each area of ​​my life – career, spiritual, family, etc. Who are the people you like most, whether they know you or not? Find out who you want to imitate and learn. If they offer courses, download them. If they have written books, read them.

4. Listen to Motivational / Inspirational CDs and Tapes

This is one of the most important routines you can create for yourself. Find an inspired audio message and listen to them over and over again. Earl Nightingale, one of the most beautiful thinkers of our time, said this: " Bands listen is the most important advancement in technology from the invention of the printing machine. " Times as many as printed words could ever.

5. Sign up and attend a course

The incentive messages you hear for the sins and inspiration of people you meet strengthen your self-esteem and positive thinking. You can search courses on the internet, newspapers or colleges and universities.

6. Turn off the TV

On average, the TV is in the home for over 5 hours a day. Just like any bad practice, it needs to be broken. I do not say watching television is bad. I simply read that you cut down on your television screen. Determine how long you will watch TV and turn it off when you have time. Try cutting the television screen for one hour each day at first. You can use that time to read a book, listen to a motivation band, walk your dog or spend time with your family.

So I'm asking you again, what are you doing with your mind? Let us learn from your experience.


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