How to improve the power of words

To improve the energy of the words become a good listener. Good listeners hear without judgment and with the will to change their opinion when it is justified. Above all else, one does not try to listen while thinking about what you want to say next!

Give time to think before you speak, good thoughts produce great words and once you are known for your great words, people will wait to hear what you need to tell them.

Here are some things you can do to put energy into your words:

1. Know what you want to say and what you want your listener to hear and understand. Get to the point and let's change the importance of what you have to offer. If you are looking for a particular result of your relationship, review the situation and ask for what you want from your listeners.

2. Speak your words with tact and sympathy for the listener's feelings and feelings. Avoid being dishonest and speak the truth about your conviction. If you hold back and do not say what you mean by your suffering and your honor is lost.

3. What are your needs and what encourages you when you speak or listen to others? In other words, where do you come from, what experiences do you get with your words.

4. Think and use good judgment when preparing for communication – do not be careless or speak in exceptional techniques. Be accurate and take as much of your personality into your words, be sure that your listener understands what you are trying to get across.

5. When you are interviewing a new job, you will find what the business wants for a new employee – like in your relationship, what is the listener interested in? Do you have common values, is common, and how is it best to reach your level so you have mutual understanding?

6. Always remember that we learn as much of our silence as we do from our words. By listening to what and how others respond to us, we learn what they are interested in hearing and what they want you to know about them. If you listen well, you will know what to talk about and what not to talk about and why.

7. Do not be afraid to cause turmoil in your listener. Conflict is a way to overcome problems and have an open dialog to resolve. The differences are as diverse as all speakers and listeners – be open to the potential of the conflict and if you have developed sharing opportunities, you will be surprised by a positive outcome.

In good terms, tactical birth and explanation intentionally, your power for communication will increase dramatically. Be aware and flexible listener because there is always a lot to hear and if you are closely monitoring your body language. At one time, you will become known as a talented speaker of few but powerful words. True winner in every situation and communication. "Talk to people about themselves and they will listen to time." ~ Benjamin Disraeli


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