Reflections – back to balance and truth

I have been very balanced for about 6 weeks. There has been a plethora of intense emotional events that begin by wondering how to talk to the healthy life show (but at the same time get injured by dragging my keyboard into and out of my house). (Former house …. Killer spit entry!) Multiple family worries, including to say goodbye to my son that he left for one year and work in Japan, has emptied my energy. In addition, I pushed back my back during the process. Then the trip went to Phoenix and the rocks. (Should I continue?) Talk about being scared!

Returning this week's balance, I recalled my favorite article by Deepak Chopra and dropped it to read again. In his article, "The Key to lasting happiness," Dr. Chopra about self-countering source. We build our own image (ego) over time. "It's the mask you're in, but it's not real. And because it's not real, but fraud, it's alive. You're going." "And how do you break out? You break free by choosing to identify your inner self, the real one."

So, what is this "inner self, the real you?" Without citing all the article, I will take the liberty to condemn. Your inner self is a part of you who does not judge, do not respond and find joy in being alive and at the moment. It is that part of you where happiness is not dependent on others or other people. Dr. Chopra writes, "… internal happiness is independent of the situation, circumstances, people or things." When you experience inner joy, you are happy for no reason. This world, to live alive in the miracle of life, is of course your happiness. "[19659002] I have been faithful in writing for many years. As I read this wonderful article, I recalled recent expressions that came from within myself only on a beautiful sunny morning. On February 14, I wrote, "The sun is wiping my left shoulder, less my love keeps me careful when i evolve and open what it was. The light intensity of the light from my spirit links more and more light from the universe My purpose is extremely joyful I am love! I am love! I am against God !

I wish you a wonderful connection to your beautiful source … your true inner self that's just so beautiful and bright! [19659002] Namaste!


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