The easiest way to get happiness

People always think that what they want is money, relationships, material assets, but what they really want is happiness. Wealth, health and communication are just the benefits of being happy. Happiness is a state of vibration that is consistent with the universe. As you have already known, the same frequency of vibration tends to attract each other, so vibrating happiness is to attract more money, better relationships and better health, as this is going to add more happiness to your life and to them are in the same vibration. If you go for money you can not get it. If you're lucky, the money will flow to you. The same applies to communication and health.

I think the ultimate goal of life is to achieve well-being or we can simply say happiness.

Is an easier way to get happiness? The answer is Yes! and I'm going to show you how.

I had learned one sentence from Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I would never forget that. The words are "How can I serve?". Dr Dyer said that for his pessimists he will always be in charge of sharing and repeat the sentence as mantra "How can I serve … How can I serve?". He never comments on him, and when he speaks, the words just flow to him. He knows exactly what to say and what to teach. Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of my best models. He has achieved great success in almost all of his ear. I think one of the most important factors in dr. Wayne Dyer is the success of this mantra "How can I serve?"

Ask yourself now, "How can I serve?". This is the key to perfect happiness and fullness in life. I would like to share some of my own experiences.

The most fun thing in my life at this stage is to write articles that can be of importance to people's quality. When I finish writing an article, I feel positive energy all over my body. I am sometimes confused, where does this information come from? How do I write so many articles and have thousands of people read my articles every week? Finally, I realized that the secret is within this phrase "How can I serve?".

Every time I write my newsletter, I sit in front of my computer and ask myself: "How can I serve, how can I serve?". Oddly, the ideas will come, and I put my fingers on the keyboard so the words just begin to follow.

I do not understand how this process works until one day I realized that the information did not come from me, it comes from God (or more intelligence), I'm only a channel for the information to flow. I am a channel God has created to serve the world. Because that's what I'm here for, so when I'm serving, I feel positive energy, and I feel good.

I have learned that the purpose of my life is to serve, and I think this is useful to everyone. This is what God wants me to learn, this is also what God wants you to learn. You will only be truly satisfied when you realize these truths. "Your goal with life is to serve." I'm sure you've heard about it. "If you seek happiness for yourself, it will always conceal you, if you seek happiness for others, you will find it for yourself." I know that's why I feel so happy when I'm finishing an article because I know my article is going to benefit thousands and it's changing the world to some extent.

Perhaps 90% of people will not take action after they read my article, this is the nature of humanity. But I know as long as they read, their awareness is expanded and they will see the difference between a long run. For less than 10% of people doing actions, I know that my words are going to change their lives for the better. What wonderful thing am I doing! I'm proud of it. I'm so happy with that.

So start today, find ways to help others. Find somebody to serve. You'll be addicted to it, because it's so fun to help. Your help is to change people's lives.

I often receive emails from my subscribers and ask for help. You can imagine how happy I am after I answer their questions? I know that life on this person will change for the better just because of my word. How wonderful it is!

Here's a secret that I want you to know …

The one who returns the most is not the one you serve, but yourself. You may find it sounds strange, but this is true, and it is governed by universal laws for cause and effect. Anything you cause others to experience will come back to you and multiply. If you cause others to experience love, you will find more love in your life; If you cause others to get property, you will have more in your own life; if you make others succeed you are guaranteed to succeed. This is the law of the universe, and it never fails.

So, what you want to experience in your life causes others to experience first. This is the most powerful way to achieve your desires and the easiest way to achieve happiness.


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