Uncertain uncertainty

Uncertain is uncomfortable. It creates a missing relationship between two events or two thoughts in mind. Considerable use is unusual for dealing with suspension even if there is a temporary stagnation in the flow of its data. Stability is considered to complete certain experiences. Mind finds comfort in full dangers. It wants to put a lot of stops either by marking or by forming a close. Why? Representatives or resolutions restore the balance and maintain world rankings.

Modern world and its technological way of life encourages the culture of quick laws. It creates low thresholds for tolerance for uncertainties in new generations. Electronic gadgets have invalid distances for choking an uncomfortable proximity between individuals and physical distance is not considered at all as the park continues to assess the separation. As long as they are connected to gadgets, individuals are not apart from each other. Distance between test and test result, distance between elections and its result has been estimated and people are no longer aware of uncertainty. The results of everything are described so quickly that individuals forget about the art of waiting patiently. Instead of waiting impatiently and restless, it has become a means of expressing "busy" in a world where all that breathes is a matter of business. Replacing artificial to natural has become so natural that it is natural to look as something intended for Asian groups who always try to return to their natural origins.

The invasion of science over religion and spirituality is only another attempt at mortal thinking that could be thrown out of existence uncertainty. Nevertheless, never attempting to succeed, science had to share equal space with religion / spiritual who and promising to support each other's opinion and co-existence without being opposed to accepting it.

Tolerance of uncertainty has a lot to do with your own ability to postpone orgasm. The remaining uncertainty about an object is to express an opportunity to get pleasure. Unsure of dealing with uncertainty, some try to push the discomfiture under the blanket and dope the antenna with alarm and expectations with denial. By eliminating temporary unpleasant stimulation and obsession caused by inadequate experience. It's a healthy way to cope with the abnormal disease by being inadequate with inadequate information. But accepting what's used to dealing with uncertain things, blows creative impetus. In that sense, there is uncertainty about strengthening inquisitiveness. Delivery of consequences / reward some teachers increase the alert of students and use the situation to keep them focused.

But it is not so when uncertainty about problems is shared by more than one person. The accidental accident is weak when two or more people are not sure about the cause or the consequences of a particular issue. Such uncertainties are common in many social issues. For example, it is absent to stretch between the formulation strategy and the implementation of the same has drastic social consequences and mock the potential for development.

Different minds deal with uncertainty in different ways. Looking at bad consequences and pre-design means dealing with them is one way. Insecure minds choose this. Uncertainty has the power to take a picture of pathology if malignant and phobia with bad consequences causes normal cognitive function and impedes emotional stability of individuals.

The best way to deal with uncertainty is in accordance with its own means of dealing with uncertainty about the fundamental uncertainty itself. The possibility of solving certain uncertainties due to available human resources determines the fundamental uncertainty. Compatibility of resources with this fundamental uncertainty is a unique factor that determines the realistic part of dealing with uncertainty. Realistic communication with life uncertainties requires quality patience and readiness to examine the matter from broader perspectives.

Overuse of ineffective ways of dealing with uncertainty can lead to response responses as constructive ways of dealing with accidents. One has to train to deal with worries in this modern world, waiting for something to be a waste of time. But waiting until the time is mature is the basic quality of nature. Each element in existence is patiently waiting for its turn. Alignment with nature helps nurturing well-being and happiness.

The person's ability to postpone orgasm and deal with unintentional stems mainly from self-discipline / narcissistic thinking. It is a further failure of the individual to weigh against this universe and to undermine the abominations and limitations of the earth as he is. Focusing on your own sake will truly be a good person to deal with the uncertainty about this life of equal opportunities needed to be successful and happy. For this matter, individuals should cultivate the habit of considering uncertainty about uncertainties, including death that is the king of all uncertainties.


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