You can change the reality

Happiness seems to be like a shifting shadow. When we try to get it, slide it through our fingers. Very often, we hope for all desperation while looking for happiness. Sometimes happiness seems to be so available and at other times it seems to be absolutely awesome. So how will we ever find it?

The answer to this question is relatively simple. True happiness is discovered when you change your happiness location from outer to inner world. Now the answer may be simple, but it does not mean happiness is necessarily easy. Very often, this change in our awareness is conceived of some or other life crisis. The good news, however, is that you do not have to wait for the life crisis to happen. We can also start the process by using internal growth methods. Internal growth habits allow you to move your happiness location from outside to the inner world.

What is true happiness? One thing one has to understand is that true happiness is not dependent on external circumstances. True happiness is something that can be experienced both good and bad. True happiness arises from the inside and therefore does not depend on external circumstances.

Yes, we are very hard to conceal around the fact that our happiness does not have to be dependent on our external circumstances. We usually believe that money, a good job, a good partner or some kind of change in our current situation will respond. When the change occurs, it brings relief, but it usually does not increase the cause of our unhappiness.

We are all somehow programmed to look for happiness in our world and circumstances. In fact, the community pays for a good job, a good partner, a good car and a good life. These things are not necessarily bad and they can improve the quality of our lives. As long as you understand it by nature, they can not make true happiness. The reason is simple. Our external circumstances change all the time.

Therefore, if we want to experience true happiness, we must move our happiness from the outer world to the inner world. There are many words to describe this change. The one I like most is to call it a little revival. A small shift from outer to inner world causes you to awaken to the true happiness that lives inside.

Very often, these changes or at least the beginning of the changes from external to internal due to the smaller or larger crises encountered in our lives. When we lose a loved one or choose our job or our position very often, we must dig deeper into our world for strength and direction. In this process, we begin to discover that our happiness does not have to be dependent on it.

When we begin happiness, we usually start to fluctuate between the inner and outer worlds. Sometimes we fully rest in our inner happiness, but the circumstances in our lives tend to pull us toward external dependencies again. So we begin to desire a way to find our happiness permanently within. At this point we start our journey.

We start looking for tools that help us move our happiness location to the inner world. There are many internal growth habits that can help us in this process. These methods can basically be divided into four major areas. There are internal rates that focus on one of the following areas of human experience: the body, the heart (feelings), the mind (its content) or beyond the body, heart or mind.

Combining these methods can create little gifts that are necessary to change the fact of our happiness from outer to inner world.


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