Advisory message for ordinary employees

When I was young, I met a farmer in his agriculture. He pointed to one of his staff and told me that this person would be a supervisor in the future. I asked him: why? He showed me the difference between this employee and others. A few years later, this person was introduced by a farmer.

Later in my life, I understand the heart of the message a farmer suggested to me. It was not really concentrating on predicting, but finding analytical elements about; What causes someone to be a supervisor, while others still become regular employees for many years, so they never get better positions or higher payments.

The question would be: why are so many employees who have never been introduced to being a supervisor? What about being a mentor? Is it not true the higher the position, the more people will be led by their leadership? Means that if you want to be the best manager, there is no other way than being able to lead other leaders. The higher your position, the stronger your leader will be. For this reason, you will constantly strengthen your leadership strength more and more, over and over again. Parallel. But before you jump on this big assignment, you must first understand the creation of your own leadership. So read, melt and crystallize this in your mind: "The first foundation of leadership is: self-esteem."

Does that mean that if you really want to cultivate a strong leadership within you to take you to the future leader, you must first have a good sense of self-confidence. Anyone who wants to do their job, even if it's not better to track and show it, he will usually be a big man later. A leader does not require others to always be able to achieve their performance and productive performance. A leader is certainly not the one who does his job well if someone is watching or overseeing him, nor the one who has to be about it and what he has superior. A leader is the one who is always ready to climb his peak performance without worrying that others have ordered him to do it or not.

It also indicates that leadership is a very personal attitude. Because we know that no one can grow this attitude within you, except yourself. Anyone who can develop leadership characters in you is, you.

Always take a "leader" a significant position in the company?
CEO is an important position. Centralization is also important. Say someone's a high level you know in the workplace: They are as important. But, they can not do anything without extending employees execute their business concepts. They will not be able to deliver anything without people like you. They need you. You – it does not matter what position you're holding this time is – is the most important factor for the business where you work.

Therefore, leadership is not directly related to an individual's workplace. Because administrative name or location is "no other word of leadership." Here no matter what your position or job title, you are in the right position to showcase your leadership skills. And you can be a future leader!


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