Boost Your Happiness – 7 Steps to the Blessing of Life

Happiness is defined as "state of well-being and pleasure, satisfying or satisfactory experience, good". So very simple. As it stands – by definition – we should be happy most of the time, right?

Why is every time we sit down to relax in front of the TV after long hours of work, do we blow ads for drugs that treat depression and anxiety? We are now convinced that antidepressants alone are insufficient to help us feel better and now we need additional prescriptions that would make depression pill more effective.

For many of us, life is overwhelming with daily worries, so who has the time or energy to invest in some maintenance needs for happiness? How do we get something so wicked?

I believe that trouble with happiness stems from our perception that there is a lack of them. Failure to follow the simple dictionary definition has led us to endless fishing for more of all – and even then it's never enough because something bigger and better always comes up. As a society, we have been sucked in the vicious circle of greed, both psychological and material. We forget to appreciate moments and memories loaded with great potential to expand our welfare and satisfaction state.

Happiness should be defined on an individual basis. Here are seven simple steps you can take part in your life to enhance your happiness:

1. Remember to live at the moment by evaluating a little and recognizing a little moment of happiness. This expands them and allows you to focus on and enjoy being insignificant things that you normally take for granted.

2. Ditch excuses, nagging and complaining. They are unproductive and delay only your happiness. Change each negative thought and important statement with something that encourages you to be better for yourself and the people around you. Remember that it takes the same amount of effort to be good as it's being nasty.

3. Choose to take on more positive prospects and stick to it. It may be a force at first, but you will get used to it (fake it until you do it!) Positive attitude works a miracle to improve your life.

4. Be true to yourself by doing what you think right . This will give you the freedom to change the negative experience of the consequences and opportunities that enrich your life and make you grow.

5. Create a list of 5 tasks that can be completed every day. This can be anything from small commands to reconnecting with old friends; from organizing your desk to cooking a special gourmet meal – as long as you can cross everything on the list at the end of the day and celebrate in your sense of success.

6. Make time just for you. Whatever it's ten minutes of meditation, read a book you like, join a gym, a ballroom or something else – create an opportunity to give you a special treat every day.

7. Do some good. Make fun actions like a small gift or addition; get inspiration or hope, let someone smile – all good moves will benefit all parties involved.

I realize that not all of us think they can afford luxury to check every item on this list every day. You can start with one and then gradually develop the rest of your happiness.

Happiness itself is easy. The hard thing is to commit to being happy. As a result, you are in charge of your own well-being and you are the only person responsible for it. Own your reality! If you do not like it, you're the one who can change it.

Now find and grow your happiness!


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