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I'm not encouraged that I can not

My friend once told me he could never stop smoking because cigarettes were in his blood (he did not mean nicotine, just that he was barely dependent on cigarettes and could not imagine living without them). If it's as you feel, ask yourself one question: "What's the only thing I want most in my life?". Imagine meeting a magician who could make your wish come true only if you quit smoking. Would you like to stop then? Of course you would!

The result is; You were not able to quit because you were not interested and not on the other side, rarely being motivated because you can not stop. Do not fool yourself and develop false beliefs about your abilities; You have the potential to succeed, even if it seems to be yours if you're only interested in following all your things.

Leave your motivation

A billionaire could get rich because he did not want to be poor. Another billionaire could get rich because he wanted to buy a larger house or so he could enjoy a more wealthy way of life.

What's all about it? Some people become motivated because they want to bring something closer ("towards" motivational style) while others are encouraged because they want to move away from some sort of "away" motivational style. The first man wanted to avoid poverty, and he was encouraged to become rich, but the second man was encouraged to live better.

If you want to encourage yourself, you should first determine your motivational style. Is it running away from what you do not want, or is it moving towards what you want. Note that you may have different motivational styles in different areas of life. For example, you may be motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle because you want to live longer and at the same time you may be exercising because you do not want to become slim.

The problem of "deviation from" motivational style

Suppose you are interested in exercising because you do not want to become too small. In this case, you will not be motivated unless you start to lose weight or until you get important comments about your physical appearance.

The result will be at the quo position; You will not try to improve yourself, but try to prevent you from losing ground. As you may have guessed, this policy will not lead to any progress after certain points have been achieved, but it will help you not lose what you've achieved.

On the other hand, if you exercise because you want to absorb amounts, your greed will overcome and you will find those who want bigger and bigger muscles, even if you're already in good shape. In this case, greed is not that undesirable. Leading

Change your motivational style

How can we change our style of encouragement when we have agreed that "towards style of motivation" is better than "motivational style"?

Suppose your goal was to avoid poverty (to become rich). In this case, instead of looking at how much you spend a month or instead of focusing on your monthly accounts, just draw a photo of your dream house and your dream car and hang a copy of the image in each room in your house.

Motivation and Objective

If you have no goals, please do not read incentives. Motivation is only needed for those who really want something from life. If you do not have many goals, you should first go to the targeting section and return to the field of interest once you have decided what to achieve.


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