Developing Insight into Leadership: Because your values ​​fit the decision-making process

Because values ​​are so personal, they affect how people think, act and behave. Here there are no two leaders in the same decision in exactly the same way. So how does the decision-making process affect the value. That's what we'll explore here.

Personal Values: Important Part of Decision Making

Managers usually charge a considerable amount of data before making decisions. I encourage participants in leadership training I give across the country to think about values ​​in this way – as just other data to plug in their information system – an important part.

When devised this way, de-personalizes it to a degree – but in a good way. It allows you to think about your values ​​in terms of understanding and achieve organizational goals instead of personal. And sometimes this can or break you as a leader. How / Why?

What happens if your personal values ​​respond to the agency's values?

This is more common than many executives think, because many people do not "value" in the data they use to make decisions on a daily basis. Also, many confused values ​​with skills and / or attributes. But they are completely different ideas.

The author of Bob Rue describes critical differences in the behavioral article based on the values ​​ as follows.

The value and characteristics are not the same. Value is what you are. Attributes are what you do to honor your value. For example, I am honest (quality) because I have to evaluate personality. I'm pursuing people (quality) because I appreciate their diverse perspectives. Our values ​​are not just the things that please us. They operate our qualities that others see.

Why the value of Leaders has a broad impact on business

As the value of an individual's judgment about what is important, how they prioritize what is necessary will affect those around them. The main example of this is that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer decided to complete the network, which affected approximately 200 of Yahoo 12,000 employees.

It was a very popular trend and when it ended, it was met with great opposition. Continuing her decision, she basically said in the workplace:

… people are more productive when they are alone … but they are more cooperative and innovative when they & # 39; back together. Some of the best ideas come from dragging two different ideas together.

Mayer has made other changes to the company that could be viewed as a reflection of its personal values, ie. offer free food to employees and simplify the company's travel and budget policies into one that "people could understand," as stated in Fortune article, Marissa Mayer violates his Yahoo policy on communications .

Be A Better Leader By Defining – And Living Up – Your Values ​​

Whether you acknowledge them or not, play important roles in all decisions you make as a leader. By defining clearly – and giving them credibility – you define your own personal leadership style. And as famous Oscar Wilde says, " Be (convinced) yourself, because everyone else is already taken ," What could be better than that?


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