Different styles of leadership, residence and study

Shamanism is a broad concept. It describes religion from Australia to America and everywhere. These religions are incredibly diverse, each with its own unique religious and cultural elements.

They have a lot in common too. Spiritual leaders have deep relationships with nature, their community and themselves.

These people live by land without much technology. If they are in trouble, they need to solve it. They need to realize a huge, confusing and challenging world.

It takes great strength to live without civilization. Have technology – whether it's a spear or something more advanced – is not enough. Communicating, strategy and planning is not enough.

You need to learn to think like nature.

Expensive act on instincts. This gives them the opportunity to always have a plan. These instincts tend to work, otherwise they will be depleted from the genre. They are quick, effective and reliable.

Human-level intelligence can be slow and expensive. It takes decades for a child to become an adult. There is always the risk that they learn wrong.

But it has one big advantage.

It allows you to steal the best instincts of animal origin (and develop new ones).

It is strange in humans as we grow our mind through our clothes. We civilized people are not over this instinct. This is the reason why young people encounter their parents and & # 39; wardrobes and play dress up. It's because people feel more confident in businesswear, military uniforms or lab clothes. Clothing reflects our psyche and vice versa.

Shamans take this to the next level. They wear costumes of predators and transitional. Then they themselves work in a cousin changing condition. In this situation, the boundaries between skin and clothes are burned.

They learn to think like the beast they wear.

If you think I'm exaggerated, I have good news: you have so much more to get meditation. If you have never seen the world from the perspective of the wolf – or even wood or cloud – then you have more to learn.

Shamans use meditation to tap into their own power. They need flexibility to see correct actions. They need charisma to lead the people through difficult times. When a disaster occurs, they need to make the way forward.

When I talk about thinking, this is the model I have in mind. It's not just about giving out anxiety. It is about peering in the jungle – concrete or otherwise – and to see the pattern, arrogance and rhythm of nature.


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