Employee motivation – The 8 Basics

Building a group of motivated people in your business is important to achieve the best results, but so many managers focus on "ra-ra" rather than important things – that make people feel comfortable in their work environment. Here are eight that you might want to think about:

  1. The Weather Is it too hot or too cold. Your people need an environment that is, as Goldilocks said, "just". So is the office too tight during the summer? Or too cold in winter? Is it devastating? Make people wet when you accept delivery because the outside roof leaks? Make sure that external elements are as they want.
  2. The Breaks Sometimes work in daily work can be boring and bad. So people need to know when the breaks are and that they want to take them – it's not that complicated. But often they are just not able to get this basic courtesy. Organization and care for your people's needs is important. That's what you want for yourself, is not it?
  3. Holidays And vacation / holiday is also important – some say it's the most important part during the working season. So this happens when they need to know so that they can organize their precious time from the company and renew.
  4. To hear You need people to listen to them and hear them – in fact hear what they say and respond with action and / or confirmation. Be prepared to create a good, open relationship with your people and take what they say – what is important to them – and deliver solutions to make situations great.
  5. Achievable Goals By being really, very clear about what you expect from your employees, you set a forum for committed staff. By knowing exactly what their performance should look like to judge outstanding you'll receive purchases for a long time. So be clear, give them the resources to be successful and they will be well on site.
  6. Thanks they do a good job for you every day – tell them. It's easy – just say & # 39; Thank you for & # 39; Grateful for success, especially when it is from the boss is so important. So recognize excellent performance even for small projects, cost nothing and only takes a moment – worth building your daily work – every day !
  7. Challenge People want to make new things, view, search and take advantage of their possibilities, Sometimes it means they must be right and # 39; in what they do. With a helping hand, to support, train and enhance your people's skills, you put in place of the great, ambitious and artificial to the next star experience in the type. Then find new ways to develop them.
  8. Security In today's business negotiations it is not always easy to build the best future accordingly – it changes too much too quickly. But you can go somehow to make sure it's a safe place to be. With this level of security, your people will finish and feel able to be with you rather than counter. It is a measure of your own leadership about how well it works.

These are fundamental to your people – get it right and you will be 85% there, having motivated people who work with you. Then you can turn on charm, get radical and creative and find them right there beside (in front of even!). Focus on building your business strongly.


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