Fractal Leadership

Fractal Basics
Fractal geometry refers to repeating patterns in nature. The idea is simple but still so extensive and comprehensive. Some scientists say life itself is based on Fractal Geometry. Others say it is "a fingerprint of God". You can find fractals or repeat patterns in all areas of the universe. Fractal geometry is found in everything from behavioral problems to plants to sound waves. Life as we know it is based on this structure and life has flourished for billions of years. The term fractal geometry permeates our very existence.

Perhaps one of the simplest reasons is to look at a tree. The main trunk supports branches, large branches are divided into smaller branches, they turn back into smaller branches, and this pattern repeats all the way to the leaves.

In human and animal reproduction, cells copy from one cell to two cells, then to four, then to eight and so on and so forth.

Landscape structure can be seen in a geometric shape. The mountains are repeating triangles of different sizes. The skies in the sky can also be seen in Fractal Geometry. A small part of cloud seems to be like a big part of clouds.

Although Fractal Geometry has always been around the creation of the universe, it was "discovered" by Benoit Mandelbrot, a Jewish scientist living in France. He later became IBM's employee at 60 years and discovered that repeating the pattern in nature could be assigned in mathematical equation. With this mathematical equation, he digitized the integers, and when the computer equipment came, colorful colorful patterns came to life. It is amazing that mathematical equations, colors and patterns are infinite. You can zoom in on the pattern forever and even though the pattern changes constantly, the same familiar pattern will appear again and again. This pattern was called "The Mandelbrot Set".

Scientist took a mathematical equation and applied her much. One of the advances they made was in visual technology. They designed software that helped them take a big leap forward in the aviation industry. The software they designed was now able to show infinite patterns in nature that helped with visual software software designed for pilots in training.

In the law enforcement industry, they used Fractal Geometry in video surveillance technology to capture much clearer images and videos by applying repeated patterns of the same image on top of the original image.

Fractals in Business Structure
If you look back in history, you will find a fractal pattern. Military ranking systems, monarchy / kingdom structures, egyptian pyramids, family trees, ancient history say the team down generation to generation and even the structure of the song.

Based on the Fractal Geometry model, companies based on this fashion will also be sustainable and promote growth. That's how people were designed to think, live, work and prosper. As the human body is a business institution, it takes many things to work together to thrive.

Many times when a trading system fails, it is because the leadership structure is flawed. Most often when there is one boss and many employees. This type of structure is inefficient because one person can not control so many people in fact. Many employees go after their boss's management when the boss loses contact with them. When the network is lost, follow the eyesight and motivation soon.

The physical system is a natural correction that takes place. Because skills are multiplied and died, the employee can become a supervisor of the next categories easily and seamlessly. It is a natural restructuring that takes place. New managers are set up, employees are reallocated and the agency is taking changes that make the company more effective. Healthy organisms in life are constantly growing and changing. The same should be true for organizations.

When a construction company is based on Fractal Geometry, there are a few key points to remember.
1. Structure must be scalable.
2. All members of the organization must be on board the company / DNA.
3. Members must work within their administrative system.
4. Skills must be shared and multiplied by the next tier.
5. 2-4 members in the categories are the most preferred.

When the agency works to utilize Fractal leadership, it tends to fall naturally in its place. Below is a sample of fractal leadership structure. This is a 1: 4 model

One thing to keep in mind when organizational changes or reorganization are performed: Maintain a major breakthrough structure in place. If you use a structure of 1: 4, keep that structure. Do not squish a bunch of people under the manager who already has a full 4 tier under him or her. This will overwhelm the manager and cause worsening in the structure. Organized changes that follow the structure of the selected growth rate while chaos creates decay.

Everyone is Leaders
Using a fractal leadership structure, everyone is or wants to be somebody's leader. For example, the warehouse manager manages different product categories. It will be Dry Warehouse Manager, Chill, Frozen and Will Call. Under each section, this manager will have eliminated them, such as receivers, chargers, machines and replacement devices. If you look at one branch, like a liquidator, they will create their broken line in the same pattern, with 4 workers under their care and so on all the way down to their starting position.

To grow growth, contact with each breach. A brief weekly meeting with your fractal is important to maintain ethical and motivation. These weekends should focus on the needs of the employee, not a lot of work. Talking about how they are doing, their family, hobbies, etc., Allows them to know that the company cares for them, not just what they were hired to do.

Offensive companies allow these meetings to take place outside the office. Cafes, restaurants and cafes are the perfect place for a fractal meeting.

Bigger meetings of large companies are important for the vision and context of business. Having this full employee meeting will bring a fresh view in all fractals. Communication from the top level is important for the coordination of the organization as a whole. The "DNA" company should flow through all levels.

When you search for employees to add to your business, do not hire those who can do it well, hire those who can help others do it well. The organization should build a company consisting of leaders. Leadership should be on the list of skills for each lessee. You might think, "How will work work if all are leaders and nobody is a follower?" A good leader leads by example and gets into the cuts and encourages others to do that too. A good leader has also taught his heart and mind and will be open to guidance from power.

This leads us to characterize potential recruitment. Training can be used to refine employees, but a good person should be the basis of all hiring. How do we find a good character and leadership skills?

A good employee will get the company's vision and buy it. They are enthusiastic and proud of the company they work for. Recruiters need to be good judges of personality. Many new recruits come from companies that have responded to their needs. They resign for other reasons. New hiring has a thought that may be protected, like a bad break up. These employees will need moral standards so that they can build trust that again creates the pride of business. If a new rental has a sense of gratitude with the CEO, it will make him or her start building a trait in his job.

Another feature of searching is the utility player. If you utilize players with skills in different areas, it gives you more potential for growth periods or if you need to shake people around when someone stops or stops. An employee may need to wear many caps this summer until you can find the appropriate replacement for help. The organization should be flexible and adaptable.

If one member of the organization is in trouble or hurt, the organization as a whole is also fighting or hurting. Think about when you stump your toe. All the body reacts with pain. Your tone is not an isolated member. During injury, reach other members of the body and help them in need. When this happens, other people should be sent to the agency to assist the difficult person or department until resolved. It could be "All hands on deck" situation. Once the problem has been solved, members return to normal responsibility.

One of the biggest problems with new employment is retention. The new council tries for a couple of weeks and decides they do not want to work anymore. If there are many examples of this, it's the manager to find out why and try to fix the problem. Are there faulty expectations? Bad management? Bad relationships between employees? Perhaps the manager needs to explain the job description better, sometimes with a video. To minimize high turnover, look for those with similar experiences, make a tour with options so they can see what they're getting into. Building success is a journey based on fixing bugs in your system. Below is a picture of some formulas to be successful.

When you change the structure of your company into Fractal Leaders Structure, be sure to make it into sentences. Make it slow and work toward the right fractal model. Making restructuring changes slowly will give all the time to fix.


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