Impact of Consequences

In 2004, seven badly behaved teens were sent to a campground in the United States with desperate parents who had been killed by their own offspring. All seven were from the UK.

At Turnabout, Utah's Brat Camp, began the brats of the rehabilitation process by sitting in a three-day rock circle on their own to reflect their lives and why they had been sent to the store with long suffering from their parents.

They had to understand that their poor behavior had already had consequences. Why could they be stuck in the desert of Utah? Because consequences do not always come quickly, both adults and adolescents often fail to be aware of them and need time to become aware.

Sitting on the rock was a writer for Indian Braves. One of the girls claimed she was not red Indian and was not a man. She had lost all the team in training.

Four girls from Britain got an additional day on the rock to smoke in the evening and then refuse to tell if anyone bought the cigarettes. Grassing was considered by leaders of the leaders who simply to be honest.

The boys had a nice meal and the day of the rock. They were learning that good behavior usually yields awards, but poor behavior usually leads to some kind of uncomfortable, boring and even painful experience.

For the first time, the children felt they needed to have themselves. Some people began to think: "We are going to be in tact and get some good food."

They also began to realize that not everyone in the world would treat them as early as their parents. Alex was told that her hair would be obliged to owe natural color. She said, "It will not happen."

Four hours later it happened. There was no traffic for the staff. She learned that some could not be arrested to indulge in her whims.

Sometimes, Stewart continued to equal his two training, but there were still rules to obey. At the stage of two teens, you had to be neat and tidy and request permission for everything.

Jenny received a trimmer. Wayne, leader of the leader, taught her to put things away: "I'm not yours."

He told Jenny to walk around the cabin and shout: "I'll put my gloves away.

Jenny's turnabout ended in the rock again.

Jenny then died that her wrist had been very sprained, but it did not wash with Wayne. There was no escape from

Islamic intelligence was from the menu.

More people started to get the message. Jemma wrote:
"You have to be good all the time."

One of the following was the message: "Brats had to learn that a negative number has a bad connection. the guys also had the message: "Every rule here, no matter how small, you get a result."

Many adults never receive this message. We continue to do silly things and are still surprised by the bad consequences. We all need to learn that The universe is not an indifferent parent who allows us to do what we feel like doing and then protect us from harmful results. We need to learn every action s what we do, no matter how small, have good or bad consequences.

We may even be surprised when good things happen when we adhere to the rules of the universe. Fortunately, the universe is unbiased. If we start eating right, we'll be amazed at how much better we find. Sometimes we will realize that the improper law of consequences is something that we should be grateful for. It can work for us or it can work against us.

Perhaps we should all sit on a rock every day and reflect on the consequences. A few weeks in Utah would make us all good.


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