Instructions Features: Emphasize sympathy

Accordingly, "No matter how much you know until they know how much you care" (John Maxwell). Thus, the focus on compassion is a long way. To show genuine compassion about the circumstances of the individual does not impair your leadership; On the contrary, your leadership must increase. So, think about adding this quality to your repertoire. This article discusses its benefits.

5 Benefits

  • People know you're worried.

At the time when people are selfish and in love with themselves, nothing will be more enjoyable than being led by a person who is very concerned about others. This level of concern has nothing to do with quarterly statistics, sales or upward mobility. A merciful leader attaches great importance to compassion because it is part of his taste. No matter how hard you try to make it disappear, you can not. Contest is part of DNA. In addition, as previously stated, do not care what you know until they know how much you care?

  • People want to be safe.

When you are empathetic towards others, you want to be safe. That's why they become protective for you. In addition to singing your praise, they speak out when naysayers and arrested uprising. Who undertakes to deal with the involuntary leader? Anyone who has no sympathy has followers; Suddenly they are in the minority.

  • People feel connected.

Often, a leader and followers are found, or connections that have nothing to do with rules or policies. It relates to the personal characteristics of the guarantor. As a result, in many cases, people view the leader as inhuman, especially if the man is in need of warmth. However, consensus is associated with individuals. It comes from the heart and people take the matter seriously from the heart.

  • People want to do their best.

Who wants to please an inappropriate person? Similar to children who want to please their parents by doing their best, encourages the thoughtful leader of his followers to do their best.

  • People tell others.

Caring leaders get a lot of free good communication. Your recipients of sympathy spread the word. They enjoy telling others and no one has to train them to do it. Why? People never forget those who do or say something when it matters most. Currently, we live in a culture where bad news about leaders is rampant, especially those that are cold and independent. However, the story spreads like volcanic eruption when the leader shows sympathy. Today it is rare.


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