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What makes consistency desirable leadership quality? Anything you do repeatedly becomes a habit and routine is hard to break. As a leader you want to be known to create a variety of good practices (treat people fair, motivate others, be empathetic, lead by example, determine quality decisions based on relevant facts, etc.). This article suggests six methods to build consistency .

6 ways to build consistency

  • Make it your motto.

Focus on being consistent by developing personal motto. In terms of time, for example, my motto is always on or before time. I have kept this philosophy for a long time. That's why people know that I squeeze as much as possible every 24 hours and I do not allow others to waste my time.

  • Stay consistent wherever you go.

A simple set, use it in all areas of your life. Conformity on board has a combined effect. You will excel in your professional and personal life.

  • Configure your philosophy with others.

Communicating philosophies with others is risky (when you do not practice what you preach, you feel responsible) than necessary. Why? Knowing what the leader regards is useful for the leader and his followers. The leader serves as a positive role. In the long run, others will imitate what they see.

  • Hold the course.

Hold your guns. Do not turn on. Wavering is like wondering and this amazing way to behave in disturbing the people around you. One of the quickest ways to miss followers is to be inconsistent. Apart from appearing as jekyll and hyde decision making, you cause confusion. As a result, confusion is harassment and lack of respect. Lead with an example.

  • Encourage others to practice consistency.

When you evaluate something, the natural tendency is to promote it. All in all, you go for a walk and speak in a speech. So take the opportunity to discuss consistency in meetings and simple training meetings. Explain what it is, how it can be applied and how it promotes success. The goal is to encourage others to be consistent in their professional and personal lives. Wherever you go you are always there.

  • Accept and reward it.

Recognize and reward people to be consistent. How? Together with the ways; consistency covers a lot of terrain. Some are constantly on time. Some appear always no matter what. Some people are constantly performing the best in others. Some give a steady 200%. Some express sympathy sympathy. Keep your mind in mind to create ideas.


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