Leader and advice

Recently I asked a question: "What's the best advice you've got?" Soon forty people answered. Many reactions were clearly personal. Others were professionals, offered by former officers or teachers, and as much appreciated. Some were satirical: "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It spends your time and it hurts the pig." Sometimes it was the best appointed teaching moment, at other times it was only a statement without the advisor knowing about his effect. Leaders in a time-consuming environment of work show the importance of their advice for the people at their expense. In respondents & # 39; own words, heard the value of the best advice they have received.

One group talked about how advice taught them that excellence must become a personal commitment. "Never be dead," warned his teacher and did not lose "open minded or emotional artistic side …" [it creates] artist sensitivity, compassion, passion and emotion. "Counseling was given to pride in one job from meeting the customer's expectations:" If you are satisfied with the customer's highest goal, you're very low, satisfied customers are easy. "Another was" unburdened "when his boss said He: "… not to worry … I did not have the authority to make a decision that would change the layout or career, [this advice] allow me to make better decisions faster. "Finally, one women's commitment to the excellence of the Football Star Jerry Rice Code of Ethics:" I will do today what others do not want to do so I can do tomorrow what others can not. "

Another group, challenging to be good managers, focused on the needs of others. Some advice was bad:" Hold on and listen! "Another was instructed:" Management requires patience, tolerance and forgiveness, the government requires nothing. Manage your assets, manage your people and processes. "Repeat, reactions talked to listen -" we have two ears and one mouth so listen twice as much as you speak "- to be related to their subordinates -" ask always what you recommend, why and how it will be achieved. "

Another learned whether" you want progress, help others to continue, hand over your assignments and go again. "Working with superiors was also noted : "Becoming an older member of the organization, learn how to manage your manager." Finally, good governance requires courage: "If everyone is smiling and saying everything is great but there are alarms away in your head, do not ignore it as your eyes you and your guts are telling you. "

Some were challenged to focus on inner strength:" Do not try to be a success man, "cite Albert Einstein," rather become v honest man. "" Hold your hobbies with passion, "said one," and do it for the best of your talents. "This advice gave him" flexibility, ownership of his projects and recognition of hard work. "Self-awareness led others to say : "Emergency and motivation are commensurate with expectations. Expectations from others will give you anxiety, expectations from you will give you motivation. "

Regardless of the recommended contact, a compass was used to help each shipping and shorten the business area -" That's what it is, keep moving on. "

Think about it. How is your advice to support other performance, management, or personal development? You can change your life.


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