Push the summit

This term is often used in leadership threads that fancy burning out their policies that prove to be in leadership positions at various levels. Translated – it means working a lot beyond the mandatory work.

It can be interpreted in various ways depending on who is looking. I've seen people drive themselves and their team in search of success. There is nothing wrong with it, provided that furious activity leads to creating the appropriate speed (product of speed and direction) in an environment that promotes learning and growth.

When organizations and leaders decide on the policy of pushing the envelope, which can not be a continuous process of fear of early combustion, there are a few matters that deserve to deserve.

First, the 15 percent theory will be applied complex to determine the speed required to form. The intention must be very clearly discussed, designed and understood to acquire the theory of theology where the organization should operate.

Secondly, ownership of ideas should be transferred to those responsible for performing the relevant tasks. This calls for flattening hierarchy and creating an environment of trust and faith. It should shut down the parameters of work culture to reduce one up person ship in the company.

Third, in such circumstances, the source requires an adequate width for each leader to act independently with his influence.

Fourth, there should be regular review to ensure that team maintenance policies are met.

Finally, when pushing the envelope, it should be a former duty of each leader to ensure that his team does not burn out to do indispensable activity.

Companies must continue to cover the envelope – but this should be a fun project aimed at delivering the best in each team rather than focusing on profits. When the teams take ownership of ideas and get the necessary freedom to action, profit automatically.


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